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Diane Challis

A Bit About ME

Hey there, thank for dropping by. 

Currently I work as the Creative Digital and UX Lead for Pharmacare Laboratories, the parent company of household brands including Nature’s Way, Bioglan, Naturopathica, Skin Doctors, Redwin, Rosken, Norsca and more, nestled on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches.

I also hold a Master of Marketing and Digital Communications (Monash) and Bachelor of Visual Arts (University of Sydney).

I started in advertising (Dior, Orix, Energy Australia among other campaigns), then worked as a graphic designer in the music industry (Virgin, EMI, ABC Music), travel industry (Cunard, Seabourne), beauty industry (Nutrimetics, Schwarzkopf, Fudge, indie brands and Skin Doctors), as well as in fashion, e-commerce, home appliances (Winning Appliances), liquor (USA: Organic Mixology) and finance (Citibank, Qantas Money, Suncorp). I now work across all aspects of digital design and marketing.

Design & Marketing


Since a child I have been totally beauty, art and design obsessed. I’ve always loved women’s beauty rituals, ever since I rummaged through my mum’s bathroom cabinet and discovered the pots and potions that promised perfection. I was taken through Europe at ten and it turned into a life long passion for art and history.

This blog started as a beauty blog but soon turned into a broader reaching online lifestyle blog, mainly for women, designed to inspire, motivate, offer advice, review products and services and generally inform and entertain. 

As my career has evolved, so has this blog. I now like to use it to share the lessons I have learned becoming a digital designer over the past 15 years, moving from print into digital.

More than

Just Pretty Pictures

Life isn’t always Instagram worthy. It’s important to realise that the person that people see on social media is not the real person. Your instagram self and your authentic self are not the same. Sure, Instagram shows the highlights, albeit edited AF with Facetune or Photoshop, with filters added, but no one generally posts when they have problems, crises, money worries, career strife or any one of a million things that life can throw at you.

I’m guilty of showing my best life on social media, and rarely post the down times, but please know that the self I present online is the tip of the iceberg of myself and my life.

I want to show that while life isn’t always a bed of roses, you can find true happiness, joy and bliss, even through tough times.

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