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5 Ways to Improve Product Shipping

Product shipping may seem straightforward but can easily go wrong if you don’t prepare correctly.

Whether you’re running side hustles or a full-time business, you may need to ship products or items to customers all over the country–or even worldwide. This service is a fundamental part of operating a business online, but are you doing as much as you can with it? Could you identify ways to improve your product shipping? 

Provide Multiple Options 

You expect that everyone wants their product shipped as soon as possible. And this is usually the case. However, offering multiple shipping options, including Next-Day, Two-Day or Standard ensures your customers have enough options, especially if you offer different pricing. 

Some customers may not need a product immediately, so standard shipping is useful and more affordable. Conversely, urgent shipments are often necessary, which is where the next day comes in. You can also consider international shipping where possible to reach more customers. 

Work With Reliable Couriers 

Small businesses can also work with reliable couriers that will ensure the product arrives at its destination on time and in excellent condition. The national post service is a good place to begin, but depending on pricing, you can look into the best courier services, especially if you want to get the full picture regarding pricing. 

The more reliable the courier, the more confident you will be that the product arrives and the customer is happy. These top couriers also offer various extra services that can benefit your shipment.

Provide Package Tracking

One must-have benefit is package tracking, which keeps you up to date on the shipment’s stage and location. Tracking offers peace of mind and helps you identify problems along the way, which you can then communicate with the customer. 

Additionally, you can provide the tracking number to the customer directly so they can identify where their purchase is. Since some businesses do not claim responsibility after the shipment leaves their home or office, providing tracking information is crucial. 

Pack Items Securely 

You must ensure your products arrive at their destination in excellent condition, so packing items securely is vital. Business owners can use custom cardboard boxes to find the right size for their products and use packing accessories, such as airbags, packing peanuts, and other items that keep the weight as low as possible but also ensure the items inside are secure. This issue is especially crucial when shipping fragile items. 

Pack Multiple Products 

Every business owner should consider how their shipping process could impact the environment. You can work with couriers that offer green vehicle deliveries, especially for local shipments, while multi-product packaging can also reduce waste and overall shipment weight to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Packing multiple products in a single box also benefits your customers and couriers as they won’t need to deal with more boxes than necessary when delivering or storing items, making the experience more convenient. 


Product shipping may seem straightforward but can easily go wrong if you don’t prepare correctly. By investing in better packing, working with high-quality couriers, and offering a variety of shipping-related benefits, you can guarantee your items reach their destination and keep your customers satisfied. 



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