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Confidence Is A Flame, Here’s How To Feed It

Consider the flame approach. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do exactly that:

There are all manner of confidence guides out there. From life coaches looking to help you “unlock your best self,” to affirmations people repeat in the mirror each day, to the confidence that comes from experience, often hard-won. In all respects, there are many measures out there to build yourself up. Unfortunately, many experiences can knock us down in the same way.

For this reason, those guides and tips rarely acknowledge a simple truth – confidence is not a perfect vessel to fill, but a fire to be fuelled. When the flame of our confidence is strong, we feel that we can do many things, even embrace the unknown with confidence. When the flame is dampened, there’s always an ember waiting to be sparked once more.

So, if you’ve felt relatively low and unable to express your true self, consider the flame approach. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do exactly that:

Embrace Vulnerability

It’s easy to think that being vulnerable means you’re not confident. But does that have to be the case? Well, not always. It’s impossible to be courageous if you’re not fearful, otherwise you’re just operating normally. So what if confidence was about feeling strong despite knowing you’re vulnerable and not the strongest person in the world? What if you didn’t have to be perfect to define your sense of confidence? No flame is going to burn forever, but it still burns and does so in a beautiful way. Sometimes, having that vulnerability can prevent confidence from turning to arrogance. As such, don’t wait for vulnerability to pass, be grateful for it. You might see a huge difference in how you approach the world.

Express Who You Are

You have the right to express who you are and what makes you unique. For some, that can come through their daily style such as wearing thicker coats, having tattoos, wearing a philtrum piercing, or even working out in the gym. For others, it might come through playing guitar, writing their blog, or cooking for those they love. Expressing who you are can help you put yourself out into the world and have fun with your free time. This helps you understand more about yourself, which is almost always going to increase your confidence.

Self-Care Is Essential

Confidence isn’t always something you have to think your way into. It comes from your actions and the little ways you prove that you’re good enough. For example, going for walks in nature, getting enough sleep, being disciplined with your diet (and indulging when you know it’s fine to), getting enough exercise, drinking enough water, enjoying your hygiene schedule, all of this demonstrates to yourself that yes, you’re good enough, because why would you care for yourself otherwise? When you self-care, you define yourself as someone worth caring for. Subconsciously, this gives us a real sense of perspective, and helps us feel our best self.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to feed that confidence flame. It’s the least you deserve, after all.

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