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4 Amazing Ways to Have a Better Relationship With Yourself

Having better relationships with people is, of course, very important, but it means nothing if we can't have a great relationship with ourselves.

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When it comes to our lifestyle, we can fall foul of so many different habits that over the months, years, and even decades, we start to undervalue ourselves. Having better relationships with people is, of course, very important, but it means nothing if we can’t have a great relationship with ourselves. Here are a few things to consider:

View Yourself Completely

We spend time fixating on certain parts of our personality or our appearance, and when we pay so much attention to these, we invariably overlook so many of the other positives. There are plenty of people who benefit from having something like a tummy tuck or lip filler, but it’s important to remember that something like this is not the permanent solution we think it is. When we start to view ourselves as a complete picture, we can then decide if there are things we’d like to accentuate, especially when it comes to our looks, but it needs to come from somewhere that involves us actually respecting ourselves first and understanding that we are more than the sum of our parts.

Make Time for Yourself

We live in a busy world, and in the modern day, we can believe there is very little time for us to focus on ourselves properly. Making time for ourselves, as little as a few minutes, can make a massive difference. But those moments to ourselves need to be nourishing and replenishing. We all feel now when we’ve got a quiet moment that we just need to get our phone out and start idly scrolling. Instead, allow yourself moments to reflect and embrace solitude and quiet. When you start to pay attention to yourself during these quiet moments and indulge in activities you enjoy, you are paying more attention to yourself, and then you can start to gain a lot more clarity in what you truly need. This could be something like meditation, but it could also be something as simple as actually carving out time for you.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries between you and others are essential because it reiterates the importance of self-respect. When we set boundaries between us and other people, this helps to preserve what is important to us. We also have to protect our time and energy because if we constantly bend over backward for others either in terms of doing them favors or just being a sympathetic ear, gradually over time, we start to feel little pieces of ourselves falling away, and over the months and years, we come to regret this. Boundaries will protect your time and your energy.

Think About Journaling

Journaling is a very excellent tool to help you understand yourself better because when you start to put pen to paper and remove yourself from the equation, you start to see what those words truly mean. We can have negative thoughts about ourselves, and putting these on paper can actually help promote catharsis, getting it out of our system so we can start to cultivate a healthier relationship with ourselves, which will result in so many positives such as improved well-being, accepting yourself, and giving you the foundations to grow.



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