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Can You Cut It? Starting A Hair Salon

This post covers some of the important things to consider when starting a hair salon, so that you can make your salon a success.

There’s a lot to think about when opening a hair salon. This post covers some of the important things to consider when starting a hair salon, so that you can make your salon a success.

What experience have you got?

Starting a hair salon isn’t recommended unless you’ve already got some hairdressing experience under your belt. Of course, it is possible to partner up with more experienced hairdressers. However, you’ll likely still want a couple years’ experience so that you can understand how the industry works.

How much does it cost?

The cost of launching a salon can vary depending on how large the space is and the quality of equipment you invest in. You can set up a pop up salon or mobile salon for less than $10,000, while a high end salon built from scratch could cost more than $200,000. Taking over an existing salon is generally cheaper as you have less renovating to do. Financing is often necessary to fund a salon startup – you can compare business loans online. Alternatively, you may be able to ask a VC firm for investment. 

What equipment do you need?

There’s a lot of equipment to acquire when kitting out your salon. Start by considering furniture like salon chairs and waiting room furniture. Then consider cutting tools and hair supplies. Where can I buy hair supplies near me? Looking for a wholesaler is the best option as you can buy products in bulk. The final thing to consider is computers, card readers and phones for the admin side of your business. There are companies that can help to set up all this tech for you. 

Will you hire any staff?

Most salons hire a number of staff in order to maximize clientele. If you do this, you’ll need to consider how much you’ll pay your staff and who you are willing to hire? Make sure to tick off all the legal steps to becoming an employer such as applying for an EIN, taking out insurance, learning how to file employee tax and brushing up on employee working rights. Talking to a HR advisor could be worthwhile. When you’re ready to hire, take your time to advertise and interview candidates in order to assemble the best team. 

How will you stand out?

There are likely to be a lot of salons already in your area. As a result, you need a USP to help you stand out. This could include having affordable prices, catering to a specific audience (like kids) or specializing in certain types of hair services (like dyeing or extensions). You’ll need to invest in some marketing to help get your name out there. A lot of people use the internet to compare local salons, so make sure that you have a website and social media pages, and invest in SEO while encouraging customers to leave positive reviews. Strong signage and an inviting shopfront is also important for converting passers-by into customers. 



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