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Tips on preparing to move to your new property

To help you get ready, we have put together our guide on preparing to move to your new property. 

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Have you just put an offer in for your new property and had it accepted? This is an exciting step and the countdown will now begin for your moving-in date. Alongside this, it’s also time to start preparing for the move. Start by decluttering your current residents, get some removal quotes from a company like Mayfair Removals and create a room plan for your new property – there are plenty of apps for this. 

It’s an exciting time to know you are moving, but it can also be stressful, so the sooner you start preparing, the less stressful your experience of moving to your new property will be. To help you get ready, we have put together our guide on preparing to move to your new property. 

Removal Quotes 

As soon as you have some spare time, start to get some removal quotes from your local removal companies. Removal firms can get booked up, so it’s important you get them booked in as soon as possible to not miss out on the day you require. Never go for the first company you get a quote from, get multiple quotes to ensure the price being offered is competitive, helping you save money. It’s also worth looking at their trip advisor reviews, to be sure that previous customers have had a good experience. 


Another thing to do as soon as you can is to start decluttering. Make a plan and work through each room, removing any items that you no longer need – over time, it’s easy to collect junk that you don’t need or use anymore. If you can, have a friend go over it with you as they can be strict and make sure you aren’t keeping anything for the sake of it. A lot of people fall into the trap of hoarding items, even though they know deep down, they will never use them. 

Create a room plan

This is something that is extremely fun but isn’t necessarily urgent – when you get the chance start creating room plans. There are many room planning apps on the market that you can use to help get an idea of where things will be going in your new property. You can use the app to decide where you are going to put your TV, where you are going to place your sofa and if the space is big enough for a new bed. When you get into your property, you can replicate the room plan to make the move quicker. If when you get into your new home it doesn’t look right, you can quickly move things around again. Instagram is a great place to look for home interior inspiration when you are ready to buy furniture items. 

What tips would you recommend to someone who is preparing to move to their new property? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Is there anything you think we should be adding to our above guide? Let us know in the comment box below. 



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