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Plow the Web with SEO for Agriculture Business

Agriculture is one of those sectors that is woven into the fabric of society. Because of this, you are in a position to embrace and explore modern issues.

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SEO for agriculture business is almost no different than for any other. However, you do have the advantage of being in a particular niche. This makes it easier to tailor content and target customers. From an extended online presence to a user-friendly site, here are some ideas.

Blog About Modern Issues

Agriculture is one of those sectors that is woven into the fabric of society. Because of this, you are in a position to embrace and explore modern issues. This can help when it comes to exploring options for blog posts. For example, you could blog about the new commercial grain bunkers you installed for maximum eco-friendliness and efficiency. Blogging about specific agriculture products that people in the industry need will also draw the right audience.

Extend Your Online Presence

Your online presence should begin with an agriculture website that demonstrates who you are and what you are about. This is almost always the main contact point between the customers and the business. However, it isn’t enough these days if you want to compete. Expanding your online presence into social media is a big advantage. You can use Facebook for agriculture groups, X for engagement and Instagram to show off great pictures of your business in action.

Use Local SEO for Agriculture Business

Using SEO for agriculture blogs is one way of getting traffic. But have you ever Googled a business and been shown its location on the map? That’s local SEO at work! Registering your business with Google MyBusiness places it on the map for customers to find. This is advantageous in agriculture since you own and operate a real-world site that customers can visit. Local SEO will help drive business growth as almost 60% of SMBs still don’t use it!

Develop a User-Friendly Site

When you use SEO for agriculture websites, there are certain things you must include. Many of these are focused on how user-friendly your site is. Google places a great emphasis on ease of use when ranking a post or website. Sticking to SEO best practices for on-page SEO is a good start. This means using a focus key phrase, formatting the posts for readability and writing good meta descriptions. The use of images with alt tags, easy menus and a mobile theme will help.

Target High-Value Keywords

One of the cornerstones of SEO is keyword research. This is vital because the keywords inform web crawlers what the content is about. It will help to curate a solid agriculture keywords list using keyword tools like Jaaxy, WordStream and UberSuggest. You can also use these tools to see which keywords have the highest value versus competition. You can boost your keyword score with LSI phrases. These are related phrases that pop up in the Google search bar.


Blogging about modern issues such as eco-friendliness will help when using SEO for agriculture business. Local SEO will help customers find your business and show them on Google Maps. However, a solid SEO strategy also relies on developing a robust list of keywords you can use.



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