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Skin Tightening the Laser Way

Skin Tightening the Laser Way

Nobody wants to have loose skin. Sagging and wrinkles are unsightly. Yet, wrinkled skin is a common occurrence. It happens due to natural aging and exposure to everything you go through throughout your life, such as the chemicals in the environment and the weather. But, regardless of cause, loose skin can be tightened again, thanks to a bit of skincare science. Skin tightening with lasers is particularly popular. Here’s how it works.

What Causes Your Skin to Loosen

Before you can focus on how lasers can help you cure your skin, you need to know how it became loose. Skin loosens when the materials that help hold one cell to another are damaged or in short supply. Those materials include a natural substance called collagen. Your body makes collagen, but it makes less and less of it when you age. Things like poor diet or smoking can also damage the collagen you have. The eventual result is looser skin.

How Lasers Increase Collagen Cohesion and Production in Your Body

Lasers are capable of helping you reverse sagging skin to a degree by both increasing collagen cohesion and production. Cohesion is how well collagen holds your skin cells together. The heat produced by lasers for skincare makes each molecule of collagen contract and pull toward another. As collagen molecules are drawn together, so are your skin cells. That creates a flatter, firmer look.

Lasers also increase production of collagen in your body. As you age, production of such substances slows, but it is still produced as a response to major events, in some cases. The laser causes just enough microscopic damage to your cells for your body to view the treatment as an attack. It then sends in extra collagen reinforcements to repair the damage.

What Happens in the Laser Treatment Chair

When you schedule a laser treatment, it is important to know what will happen. You will have to sit in a special treatment chair. Once there, the technician will point the laser at the area you need treated. Short laser bursts are used to treat the skin. Large areas only take minutes to treat, and the clinician will help you stay as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Cool air and numbing agents can help ease any discomfort caused by the laser heat. The entire appointment should take less than an hour.

When you Can Have Laser Skin Tightening

You can have laser skin tightening if you have moderate skin sagging. However, the devices can only tighten your skin to a point. If your sagging skin is severe, surgical intervention may be a better option for you. Your clinician can advise you about your candidacy or lack thereof.

Laser treatment can tighten the skin anywhere on your body, if you qualify for it. However, one of the most common times to have the procedure is when you have sagging skin on your neck or face. You also need to be aware that treatments for different body parts vary. You may need to use different laser machines to treat certain areas. Repeat treatments may also be required.

What to Expect After Laser Procedures

Laser procedures can have several side effects. They are usually short-lived and harmless. For example, you can have temporary hyper sensitivity to the sun after treatment. You may be told by your clinician to use a specific sunscreen or stay out of the sun entirely until your skin heals. Temporary swelling and redness can also occur but usually subside within a day or two.

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