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How To Have The Perfect City Wedding

How To Have The Perfect City Wedding

When it comes to your wedding location, there are many choices that you have to make, and one of them is whether you go for the countryside or the city. The countryside offers some advantages, such as a unique landscape, a more private setting, and some glamourous big country houses, which are perfect if you really want to make a statement on your big day. However, the city also has its benefits – such as offering a great view of the skyline – and it may also be a more accessible location for some of your guests.

We’ve put down some simple tips, if you’re interested in a city wedding, and you want to ensure that it is the best that it can be!

Make sure there isn't a big event at the same time when planning your big day, such as Mardi Gras weekend in Sydney, which will limit accomodation and increase prices
Make sure there isn’t a big event at the same time when planning your big day, such as Mardi Gras weekend in Sydney, which will limit accomodation and increase prices

Think about the timing

The city is a great place for your wedding, but as they say, it never sleeps. If you’re having a weekday wedding, you’ll have to be sure that you’re not planning any parts of your big day during rush hours, as you could find that you just can’t get from A to B. If you want to have photographs outside, you should also time these properly, too. A further thing to think about when it comes to timing (we know, this is a lot…) is that there isn’t a big event on in the city, that could create chaos when you’re tying the knot. This will also hike hotel prices up for your guests, so ensure that nothing big is happening at the same time as your plans!

Be strategic about the venue

When you’re choosing the perfect venue for your city wedding, make sure that you’ve thought everything through. Countryside weddings are good because they offer you an element of privacy, and it usually means that you won’t get noise complaints when you’re partying late into the night, celebrating your new union. However, in the city, you need to be a little more careful about this, so find out everything that you can before you pay out for your venue. You should also take the locations into consideration if you’re having your ceremony and receptions in different places, so that you can plan your travel out beforehand!

Consider your photography locations

In the countryside, it’s pretty easy to choose your photography locations, and you don’t really need to take all of the landmarks into account. However, the landmarks can actually make your wedding photographs a lot more unique, and you have a lot to choose from in the city! Speak to your photographer about your options, and try to find a photographer that has good experience shooting in these locations. They will know all of the hints and tricks, and they can tell you what will work (and what won’t ruin your dress, either). See what you can do to make your photography special!

So, if you’re thinking about having a city wedding, make sure that you take all of these things into consideration! There are many benefits to tying the knot in the city, you just need to be a little bit savvy to make it work. Good luck!



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