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3 Amazing Careers For People That Want To Save The Planet

3 Amazing Careers For People That Want To Save The Planet

Looking after the planet is a big priority for so many of us and there are a lot of different ways that you can do that. You can take the bus instead of driving, try to cut down your energy usage at home, recycle properly, and change your diet to cut down on products that are produced in an environmentally damaging way. But if you’re doing all of those things and you still feel like you could be doing more to save the environment, have you considered finding a career that helps? There are so many people out there that dedicate their lives to helping the environment and you could be one of them. These are some of the best career choices for people that want to save the planet.

Environmental Lawyer

Fighting against large companies that are putting out dangerous levels of carbon emissions is one of the biggest challenges we face right now. Even though there are guidelines in place, they aren’t always met and often, companies aren’t held to account. That’s where environmental lawyers come in. If you’re considering a career in law already and you’re invested in the health of the planet, this is the ideal choice for you. It’ll be up to you to hold companies to account for things like oil spills or exceeding their carbon emissions quota. Some environmental lawyers also work to give legal protection to certain areas of land that need to be preserved.  It requires a lot of training but becoming an environmental lawyer is one of the best ways to make a big difference.


A surveyor is somebody that performs land surveys before any new building project. A big part o the job is to make sure that people abide by land borders and the building is in line with regulations. But one area of their job is to assess the area and decide whether there is likely to be any negative impacts on the environment. If you’re a surveyor, you play an important role in making sure that new buildings are constructed in an environmentally responsible way. You’ll need to get an undergraduate and postgraduate degree before you can start applying for surveying jobs so it will take a while to get qualified. However, the salary for surveying jobs is very high and you can make a big difference to the environment so it’s worth it.

Environmental Science And Protection Technician

If you don’t like sitting at a desk all day long and you’d rather be outside, this is the ideal job for you. As an environmental science and protection technician, it’ll be your job to go to various sites and take samples which you will then analyze to work out what pollutants might be causing damage to ecosystems and where it’s coming from. Then you can come up with solutions that help to protect the local environment. If you want to help the planet in a very hands on way, this is the ideal career choice for you.

The best way to make a real impact on the environment is to dedicate your career to it so you should consider some of these different job options.



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