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The Australian golden girl of organic summer skin – Carol’s Beauty

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I spotted Carol’s Beauty in their delightfully bright orange coloured bottle and tube online, and was intrigued. What is a tan enhancer? How will it benefit me, the whitest person ever? I was sent the products last week to try out, below is my verdict…

I’ve been covered in sun block since I was 6 when my even fairer father first developed skin cancer. I’ve had it drummed into me to avoid the sun, so much to the point that I now have a  severe Vitamin D deficiency. I also want to know if I can develop a natural glow without damaging my skin?

The answer is “all things in moderation”.

Day one - note the pale legs.
Day one – note the pale legs. From 1 – 10 with 1 being ghostly and 10 being super tanned, I am a 2.

Day One: Headed down to Balmoral, no fake tan. I’m feeling conspiciously pale at the beach next to the leathery baby boomers. I was only there for just a short time and felt the sun’s heat. Came home,  no visible pinkness or burn.

Day Two using Carol's Beauty Suntan Enhancer
Day Two using Carol’s Beauty Suntan Enhancer – taken later in the day mostly cloudy

Day Two: Managed to find a tiny bit of sun at the end of the day, and toddled down to Balmoral, and relaxed in the sun, 10 minutes on each side. It was 3.30pm. No burn, taking it slowly.

Day Three using Carol's Beauty Suntan Enhancer
Day Three using Carol’s Beauty Suntan Enhancer 11.30am on a blue bird day

Day Three: It was a glorious day with a nice breeze of the ocean. Headed down at 11.30am, and braving a bikini so I could maximise my Vitamin D absorbtion and expose the whitest tummy ever seen at a beach. I used the lotion all over and lay in the sun for 10 minutes, each side, no burn visible at the end of the day. I did cover may face for most of the time, as I worry about pigmentation and sun damage ageing my face.

What is Carol’s Beauty Philosophy about skin/sun care?

Carol’s Beauty encourages getting a little bit of sun (10 minutes) each day, using the oil or lotion, so you build a natural golden colour over time, without burning, saying

“be conscious of the amount of time spent in the sun between 10am and 2pm

This is pretty much what my doctor said to me about my psoriasis and severe Vitamin D deficiency, so I’m planning on trying this, once it warms up a bit.

What is In Carol’s Beauty?

I looked at the ingredient listing, which was remarkably short compared with many body lotions and oils. All ingredients are certified organic.

Carrot oil

Carrot oil according to the Carl’s Beauty website “stimulates the melanin under the skin your skin helping you achieve a faster golden tan”. It is also said to rejuvenate and nourish the skin, assisting in wrinkle prevention. And, which is a big plus for me, aids healing and prevention of skin conditions including psoriasis (which I get very mildly), along with stretch marks and eczema.


Henna has long been used for hair and skin to add a golden colour.

Almond oil

Naturally high in vitamin E and fatty acids, almond oil is a wonderful moisturiser.

Organic Beeswax

Bees wax is said to reduce inflammation and helps skin to retain moisture, along with it’s antibacterial qualities.

What is a tanning enhancer?

Carol’s Tanning Enhancer is a organic moisturising formulation that prevents skin from drying out before, during and after being in the sun. It isn’t a sunscreen, but it has a natural golden colour to enhance the skin tone, and natural ingredients with anti-oxidants to prevent the damage caused by free-radicals.

What about sun exposure and skin cancer?

While hours unprotected (by SPF 50) in the sun is not encouraged, Carol’s say that 10 minutes each day, with Carol’s Beauty products will create a golden tan over time without damaging the skin.

The position statement from the Cancer Council says that:

“While some sun exposure is necessary for the production of vitamin D, it is important to keep in mind that all sun exposure carries a risk of skin and eye damage and skin cancer, especially for people with light skin colour. Extended and deliberate sun exposure without any form of sun protection when the UV Index is 3 or above is not recommended, even for those diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. “

Basically the CC are saying that you actually need some moderate sun exposure, but to do it when the UV index is lower than 3, and not between 12 and 2 when the sun is at it’s highest and strongest. Because each skin tone responds differently to sun exposure and the jury is still deliberating on the amount of sun exposure that you need for Vitamin D, there is no definitive amount of time that is considered safe, so be your own barometre. If the sun feels strong, you feel it and don’t need much.

For me, 10 minutes in the sun seems fine, and will help not only my vitamin D levels but also my skin tone appearance.

My experience with Carol’s Beauty

The weather is lovely at this time, as it is early spring, so I’ve been hitting the sand at Balmoral Beach each day with Carol’s and doing 5 minutes front and back. I am on a drug called Embrel which can increase the chance of skin cancer so I am being super cautious, to restrict my exposure to 10 minutes a day out of the hottest times.

After a week I can’t see much of a colour change yet, but my skin loves the products and my pre-psoriasis dry patches are gone. Because the ingredients are minimal, my sensitive skin hasn’t reacted as it sometimes does with heavily perfumed lotions.

I’m doing a genuine road test for a week and will document my colour on day 1 and day 7. For now I can tell you that the smell is beautiful, and my skin is baby soft. A definite must-have for the warmer months!

You can purchase Carol’s Beauty here…












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