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Luscious Locks: Super Strategies For Shiny and Healthy Hair

Luscious Locks: Super Strategies For Shiny and Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t want healthy and shiny looking hair all of the time? No one that’s who! That is why I have put together this post with information on how to achieve luscious locks. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Don’t wash it too much

Now I love clean hair as much as the next person. It feels great and smells so fresh, but did you know that you can strip away all the natural oils that your hair and scalp have if you wash it too often?

Of course, by doing that you are going to cause problems when it comes to your hair looking shiny and healthy. That is why it’s crucial that you don’t wash your hair more than once every two to three days!

Do condition

Conditioning your hair correctly is also essential if you want it to glow and shine with health. Of course, you will also need to get this right for your hair to look is best at all times.

That means conditioning the ends which are likely to be dryer than the roots, and avoiding the scalp altogether unless you suffer from particular dye hair. Something you can get some advice on at

Keep up with your colour

Luscious Locks: Super Strategies For Shiny and Healthy Hair
Luscious Locks: Super Strategies For Shiny and Healthy Hair

Next, if you want your hair to stay as healthy looking and shiny as possible at all time, it’s imperative that you keep up with your colour maintenance. After all, having drank or grey root poking through will ruin the illusion!

Of course, the problem with this is that is really expensive to keep going back to your hairdresser to have it dyed, or that is easy to forget to do, and you can end up letting it slide.

Happily, there are ways that you can get around this problem including using a service like the ones available at that allows you to subscribe. Something that means you will always get your hair dye delivered when you need it and will help you to stay on top of the issue.

The other option is to invest in some temporary colour touch up for the times in between dying. Something you can now get in a spray version, or even in the form of a hair mascara that you can use to sue your hair looks it best all of the time.

Ditch your normal brush

Lastly, when it comes to looking shiny and healthy, the worst thing you can do for your hair is to use a brush or comb that pulls at tangles and snaps hairs off.

In fact, this is what often causes split ends and flyaways which can, not only look bad but also make it really hard to manage your hair too.

That is why instead you need to invest in a tangle brush like the one reviewed at or a wide tooth comb, especially for when you comb your hair wet. This is because they are designed to brush out any knots or tangles without damaging each individual strand, something that will help keep your hair smooth, and shiny as possible.



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