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Are You Right To Trust Your Partner?

Are You Right To Trust Your Partner?

Every single relationship needs to have some form of trust in it. You will surely trust all of your close family and will rely on them for love and support when you need it most. I’m sure that they will give you this and trust you unconditionally. Similarly, there will be trust between you and all your best friends as well.

The relationship that requires the most trust, though, has to be your romantic relationship. Whether you have only just started dating each other or have been married for over twenty years, you will both need to be able to trust one another completely. If there are any signs that the trust is starting to waiver, you might need to do all that is in your power to build it back up again. Otherwise, you might find that the lack of trust starts to eat away at both of you and things could start to become very strained in your relationship. It could be difficult spending time together and you might find that you start to argue a lot more than what you used to.

Things certainly won’t be fun in your relationship once all the trust has disappeared and you might be better off calling it a day. Ending things might be the better option for the both of you.

But how can you be sure that the trust has disappeared from your relationship? Here are some of the tell-tale signs you need to be aware of.

You Always Ask Them To Prove Everything They Tell You

The first sign of not trusting someone is not believing the things that they tell you. Do you constantly need extra proof from them to show that what they say is actually true and correct? If so, then you might need to think about just how much you actually trust them. Quite a few people who believe that their partner may be cheating on them constantly ask for more proof from them. If their partner can’t supply any extra, then some people decide to work closely with a detective for cheating spouses. These detectives can track and follow your partner to see exactly what they are doing when you aren’t around. Prepare yourself to hear the worst, though, as this might confirm your worst fears.

They’re Super Protective Of Their Phone

Cell phones make it ever so easy to hide things from the people we are closest to as it’s possible to contact people on them without anyone else knowing. People who worry about what their partner is getting up to behind their backs usually find that their other half becomes super protective of their personal phone. That’s a clear sign that there is something on there that they don’t want their partner to see. So, if you think your partner’s behavior towards their phone has changed significantly and they have become super protective, it’s important to challenge them about it. After all, if it seems like they have something to hide, then there’s a good chance that they are in fact hiding something.

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Do They Flirt With Others Right In Front Of You

You Always Seem To Be Jealous Of Them

Constant jealousy is another sign of a lack of trust in your partner. However, you need to realize that the problem may in fact lie with you if you find that you get jealous very easily. Some people find that they get unreasonably jealous is situations in which they shouldn’t have any negative feelings towards their loved ones. If this is you, and you find that the slightest thing sets your jealousy off, you should consider how you can better control this emotion. If you don’t try to put a lid on things, it could quite easily become a toxic part of your life. However, if you are usually a very level person but find that some of your partner’s behavior sets off unusual feelings of jealousy then the problem will most definitely be with them. There’s no smoke without fire, right?!

They Flirt With Others Right In Front Of You

Some people are so full of confidence and their own self-importance that they might be very bold. In fact, they might not be too bothered about flirting with others right in front of you! This is total disrespect on their front and you shouldn’t stand for it. They might be inclined to make an excuse for themselves if you try to challenge them about it. In some cases, they might try to turn the whole situation around and frame it as if you are the one with the problem. If you don’t trust them because of their outrageous flirtations then it makes absolute sense to bring the relationship to an end. Your mental health will certainly improve as a result, as you won’t have to deal with this much disrespect again!

Friends And Family Think You Are Right To Be Suspicious
Do your Friends And Family Think You Are Right To Be Suspicious

You Find Out New Information About Them From Others

Your partner should always be the very first person to tell you anything about them. If you start to hear new things about them or information regarding things that they have recently done from anyone else, you could have a reason to worry. You might even start to hear about things from their past that they have never told you themselves. This can be quite disconcerting, especially as you had probably thought that you knew everything there was to know about this person. It can be especially devastating when you hear something about them that could have dissuade you from getting in a relationship with them in the first place. That’s because they might have held this information from you to try to persuade you to get with them, which is a very worrying thought.

Your Friends And Family Think You Are Right To Be Suspicious

I’ve already mentioned previously in this post that your friends and family will usually support and help you in all that you do. If you find that you start to lose trust in your partner and become more suspicious of them, it could be worth asking your loved ones if they think that you have a right to feel this way. Of course, they might turn around and insist that there is nothing to worry about and all of this negativity is in your head. However, if they think that you are right to be suspicious, then it’s a clear sign that they have noticed that something is off with your partner as well. If they back up your idea that something might be wrong in your relationship, it could be worth digging a little deeper just to see what exactly, if anything, your partner has been up to recently.

They Are Always Really Defensive Whenever You Ask Them Anything

If you ever ask your partner about something simple like where they have been or what they have got up to during the day, they should be able to answer you without pausing or hesitating. However, if they struggle to come up with a reasonable answer or get very defensive, then it could be a sign that they have something to hide. If you are repeatedly faced with their defensiveness, there is no wonder that the trust will quickly disappear from your relationship.

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Defenciveness may be a sgn there is something to hide

You Always Check Their Social Media

Another sign that there is little or no trust in your relationship is that you are constantly looking at their profiles on social media. As their partner there is no real reason to actively keep up with your other half on social media as you will already know everything that is going on in their life. However, if you do check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at least twice a day, it could be a sign that you don’t trust them anymore. You might be looking for any clue or hint that they have recently done something that they shouldn’t have.

You Know That They Cheated In A Previous Relationship

Did your partner cheat on one of their previous girlfriends or boyfriends? Even though they might have promised that they would never cheat again, especially on you, it can still be difficult for a leopard to change their spots. Unfortunately, quite a few studies show that people who have cheated on others in the past are likely to do so even with a new partner. So, if you know this about your partner, then you might find it is hard to ever trust them completely.

Neither Of You Enjoy Intimacy Anymore

Being intimate with each other is an important part of every relationship. If you find that the spark starts to fade and neither of you enjoy being together in the bedroom, then there could be a deeper issue with your relationship. It could be time to start digging to see if you can find something out that your partner has been trying to hold from you.

Hopefully, you never go through any of the above situations in your relationship, but it’s still important to be aware of them. So, do you think you are right to trust your partner?



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