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Turning Your Home Into An Eco-Friendly Dwelling

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Cover image is of a contemporary home within a natural reserve in Chile, Casa El Maqui. Image source:

Are you concerned about your family’s impact on the environment? Would you like to become as eco-friendly as possible at home? Then take a few minutes to read this article and adopt some of the ideas. With a bit of luck, you will manage to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you don’t adversely affect your local ecosystem. Of course, this is not a complete guide, and there are lots of other strategies you could follow. However, the suggestions below should make for the perfect starting point, and we all have the begin somewhere, right?

Installing solar panels

Image Reference: sistinesolar
Image Reference: sistinesolar

The first thing you need to do is conduct some research online into the best and cheapest ways of switching your home energy to solar power. There are lots of government-backed schemes that could help you to cover the initial cost. However, you need to read the small print carefully because some of those deals prevent you from making a profit. When you create more energy than you use, it’s possible to get a check from the power company at the end of the year. Sometimes when you use government schemes that provide discounts; you can lose that privilege.

Taking the zero waste approach

Most homeowners produce an astonishing amount of waste each year. You need to do everything within your power to reduce the amount of stuff you throw in the trash every day. Zero waste living is not a new concept, but there are lots of new websites online that will provide you with excellent tips and tricks for getting the best results. Your goal is to make sure your trash can is only half full at the end of the week when someone comes to collect it. The next suggestion on this page should help you to work towards that ambition.

Growing food in your garden

Image reference:
Image reference:

A significant amount of the items you throw in your trash come from food packaging. The factories that pack and produce those items have an adverse impact on the environment. So, you should try to move away from them as much as possible. Instead, you could try growing some fruit and vegetables in your garden. People who do that will reduce their impact on the planet and ensure their family never consumes any GM foods that could affect their health. Also, you’ll never have to stress about pesticides and other chemicals that could pose a threat.

Now you have some fantastic advice to help you make a start; it’s time to sit down with your family and discuss your plan for the next few months. There is never a bad time to switch to solar power and stop using fossil fuels. We’re also at the beginning of the summer at the moment, and so it’s the perfect opportunity to start planning some fruit and veg in your garden. Keep your eyes peeled for other eco-friendly ideas, and make sure you take a look at some of the other posts on this blog before you disappear. See you next time!




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