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The Truth About Detoxing and What You Need To Know About Long-Term Health

The Truth About Detoxing and What You Need To Know About Long-Term Health
In this post, we’re going to give you the truths you need to know about detoxing, what you really need to do if you want to clear your body of toxins, and also give you some alternatives to those 1-day detox plans that actually work.

Detox has become a very popular word in health circles. It’s the promise of being able to flush out bad toxins from your body after you’ve binged on something. For example, some people offer 1-day toxin flush kits that will help you clear out drugs and alcohol from your body so that you can pass a drug test or just be healthier the next day.

Sadly, if it was that easy, the world would be a very different place.

The unfortunate truth is that detoxification kits don’t really work. In fact, most of it is just marketing nonsense that is aimed to steal your money and cover the facts with fake science that doesn’t really mean anything. In this post, we’re going to give you the truths you need to know about detoxing, what you really need to do if you want to clear your body of toxins, and also give you some alternatives to those 1-day detox plans that actually work.

Local drug stores sell detox kits, do they actually work?

It really depends. If the detox kit says that it can help cleanse your body of toxins in just 24 hours then it’s probably fake. After all, there are real detox programs that take weeks or even months before you start seeing positive results. The majority of these kits are just sold as lies or they have very specific wordings on them to make them legal. For example, they might actually explain on the back in small text that it doesn’t actually cleanse your body of toxins, or that you need to buy several of them and keep using them for a whole week.

These kinds of kits are too good to be true. They’re sold as an easy solution to a long-term problem, so you can already tell that they’re a little fishy and might be fake. We suggest that you avoid these kits and continue reading to find out what really works.

Detoxing is something your body does–it doesn’t need outside help

One of the problems with the “detoxification” term is that the word “toxins” can mean many different things. A toxin is just a substance that is found anywhere; it could be in the environment, your food, or even in water. The only defining factor of a toxin is that it contributes to disease. With such a broad definition, it’s difficult to define what exactly a toxin is, thus making it hard to truly define “detoxification”.

Many people get this idea that detoxing means something like flushing alcohol out of your system by drinking a lot of water, tea, and other liquids with lots of good nutrients. They can help you somewhat, but it’s not like you’re forcing the toxins out through your urine by just drinking more water. What’s actually happening is that your urinary system works to collect and remove toxins and waste from your body. It acts like a filter that helps to keep the rest of your body functioning properly while the bad stuff is ejected when you go to the toilet.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many things that can help speed up this process. It’s something that your body does naturally and no amount of herbal remedies can assist the process. In fact, if you want your body to quickly remove toxins and help maintain your bodily health, then you need to stop introducing toxins in the first place.

Is there really no quick solution to flush out toxins?

One of the biggest reasons why people buy detoxification kits is because they want to get rid of something from their system. For instance, they might have a drug test in the morning but they partied a little too hard the previous night. Perhaps they’ve been pulled over and are about to take a breath test but they really need to flush out those toxins before the officer comes to their car.

There are loads of situations like this where people might want to hide the toxins that are present in their body. But this is where products like synthetic urine and masking products come in handy. These products are essentially used to mask toxins and trick devices into reporting normal results, essentially letting you off the hook.

We’ll leave the ethics of using such products down to your own judgement, but if you really need to hide the fact you’ve been going a little too hard with your parties, then it’s still a solution that you can consider. However, if you’re more concerned about your long-term health, then there are other ways to cleanse your body and keep it healthy.

What’s the right long-term way to detox your body?

Detoxing is possible, but it’s a long process that requires you to take better care of your body and make better dietary choices. Here are a couple of suggestions to help cleanse your body:

  • Drink plenty of water every day so that you can actually flush out toxins. If you’re not urinating enough, then your body can’t get rid of the toxins it filters out. Tea is also a great alternative as long as it’s not loaded with sugar and other additives.
  • Swap unhealthy foods in your diet for something better. For example, try and lower the amount of sugar and salt you use, and try to eat plenty of protein so that your body is loaded with good nutrients.
  • Commit to cooking for yourself. This ensures that you can control every nutrient that goes into your body, and it teaches you cooking skills that will also save you money!
  • Stick to your goals. Detoxing is essentially the same as living a healthier lifestyle because the two go hand-in-hand, so try and do things that are healthier for your body (such as regular exercise) and set meaningful goals that you can reach.

At the end of the day, detoxifying follows many of the same rules that a healthy lifestyle does. If you aim to live a healthy life, you’ll find it much easier to cleanse your body of toxins which makes it easier for you to recover if you decide to let loose at a party one day.



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