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How To Get Your Children More Active

xHow To Get Your Children More Active
If your children have missed out on a lot of activity lately and you’re struggling to get them moving, take a look at these tips on how to get your children more active.

During lockdown, it’s very likely your children would have been cooped up inside for long periods of time without any real exercise. Depending on the restrictions where you live, you may not have been able to take your children far to get their hearts pumping and get some all-important exercise. However, now vaccines are rolling out, many countries are easing their restrictions, allowing people to go further for longer. If your children have missed out on a lot of activity lately and you’re struggling to get them moving, take a look at these tips on how to get your children more active.

Lead by example

Children mimic the behaviours and actions they see from their role models a.k.a you. If you’re leading a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, they’re likely to mimic this behaviour and get moving too! This doesn’t mean rigorous training every day, but enjoying playing a sport or going for a bike ride is a great way to get the heart pumping while still having fun!

Make exercise fun!

Exercise needs to be fun for children and adults alike. Think about an exercise you just can’t bring yourself to do! Making exercise something your children enjoy rather than dread is also a surefire way of encouraging them to continue with it too! You can make exercise fun by watching sporting matches on the TV and teaching them all about rugby or football, or if your daughter is interested in dancing you can make it fun by showing her Dancing on Ice. Your children will be encouraged to follow their idols in sports and exercises they love.

Use exercise as transportation

If you’re really struggling to engage your children in exercise, then you can promote exercise by using it as transportation rather than your car or the bus. If you’ve got to travel a considerable distance, consider parking further away than needed and taking the stairs rather than elevators. Your children will soon become accustomed to walking everywhere and it won’t feel like such a chore. If possible, walk your children to school or to the park for a run around to promote more exercise.

Give gifts that promote exercise

All children enjoy getting a gift, so why not buy them gifts that encourage physical activity such as rollerblades, bicycles, ice skates, soccer balls and even active-play video games make great gifts that will get your children moving without them even realising it. Plus, gifts such as rollerblades and bicycles are handy skills to learn in life. 

Limit screen time

Finally, we live in a world where almost everything for children is now orientated around some sort of screen. Whether it’s a tablet, a TV programme, or a gaming console! Limiting your children’s screen time by using parental control means they won’t have access to their favourite screen time activities. Encourage them to join after school clubs or go to the park with their friends for some much needed fresh air and exercise!



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