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The Pros and Cons Of A Home Makeover

The Pros & Cons Of A Home Makeover

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their interior design, but if there is one trend that is constantly making a comeback, it’s open plan living. Walking into the house and having the entire kitchen and living space open and airy isn’t for everyone, though. Some people prefer the seclusion of a living room away from where food is prepared and cooked. The thing is, open plan living is a draw for some because of the lack of family time that they get to have these days.

We live busy lives and sitting around the table for a family meal isn’t always possible when you have late nights and the kids are already in bed or preparing for bedtime. With open plan living, you can prepare meals while chatting to the rest of the family in the living room; they’re right there and there are no walls separating you all. The biggest benefit to the demolition of the wall between your kitchen and living space is the fact that conversation and togetherness is encouraged. Media is a constant presence during meal times, and families just don’t commune together the way that they used to do.

There are plenty of pros for open plan living between the kitchen and the living room, but it’s also important to consider the cons of the situation. The one benefit of walls between the rooms is that you can prevent the aromas from cooking spreading through the house too much. No one wants to have a new fabric sofa smelling like an herb and spice shop. It’s difficult to get the scent of strong-smelling food out of the fabric and the rugs in the home when you don’t have the walls between the rooms erected. You can use extractor fans and throw open the garden doors, but in the winter months you can’t just have the doors open all the time – not if you want to keep the warmth in the house.

Another plus for living in an open plan way is the fact that if you have small children, you can have them within earshot at all times. When you’re running a home, it’s better to know that those smaller than you are able to be heard no matter whether you’re cooking or not.

Sharing the same zones in the house means that even when you’re doing separate activities, you can always come together as a group. It’s all about finding a balance with your home and if you feel like you want to have quieter spaces, then adding the walls in is not a bad idea. For ease of access and community feeling, then allow the open plan space to feel that way. It can, of course, be harder to heat an open plan space, but it’s all about aesthetics. You can make provisions for the heat if you want to, but it’s all going to be about whatever is easiest for those living in your home.



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