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Dress with Confidence

Bianca Spender Spring 2018 Collection

It’s no secret that the way you dress can boost your confidence, and help you to feel better about yourself. High-end clothes from quality designers, such as the featured design here, Bianca Spender, are great for key and statement pieces in your wardrobe, but you do not need to speed a lot to get that feel-good, post-shopping buzz.

Knowing Your Colours

beautiful colours from the bianca spender look book Spring 2018 Collection
beautiful colours from the bianca spender look book Spring 2018 Collection

Everyone has favourite colours but that does not mean they are the ones that look the best on you. You may love a bright yellow, for instance, but on some people, it might make them look sallow or washed out.

Ladies swimwear, dresses, skirts, trousers and tops all come in endless colours, so before deciding on which are the best for you, you need to consider your hair colour and skin tone. While everyone is different, lighter hair and skin tends to look better in warmer tones, while dark hair and features are best suited to softer shades.

Be Realistic about your shape

knowing, accepting and loving your shape is at the heart of successful dressing
knowing, accepting and loving your shape is at the heart of successful dressing. Credit: Pinterest

Being honest about your shape is crucial so you can wear the most flattering clothes for your shape. Thin, curvy, full figured or athletic, are all OK but it’s vital when wanting to look your best, that you dress to that shape.Whether you have an hourglass figure or are shaped like an apple or pear, love, respect and accept your shape for what it is when buying any new attire.

Not everyone is the same shape, size or height and you need to find clothing that flatters whichever you are. If you have a large booty or belly, maybe avoid tight belts at the waist. Anything fitted or skin tight will show up every lump and bump, so make sure you have the size correct. Fuller figures usually look better in dresses than jumpsuits, and vertical stripes will make you look taller. By the same token, horizontal stripes may make a fuller figure too more curvy and if you are short or carry a bit of excess weight, might not be the best choice.

Comfort Before All Else

Yes, I really said that. If you aren’t comfortable it shows on your face. Comfort should come before anything else, as at the end of the day you could have been in these clothes for hours. If you have found colours and styles that suit you, as long as you feel comfortable in them you should stick with them most of the time. This does not mean you will always look the same. There is a huge variety within each style and colour, and comfort is one of the last things you need to consider so that you can dress with confidence.

Some people like longer dresses and others are happy to show some cleavage. You need to find what you are comfortable with because nothing is worse than a feeling of discomfort about what you are wearing.

Dressing for Special Events?

From the Bianca Spender Winter 2018 Collection
From the Bianca Spender Winter 2018 Collection would be perfect for a wedding or formal

Now, you may be confident for work each day, or for going out with your friends, but what if you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding or a work party? All the same rules should apply, except that what you buy might be a little dressier.  Don’t overdo it though. It is very easy to make your clothes look classier by adding nice accessories such as some jewellery.

Whether you are going to work, or for dinner with the boss, you should always be able to dress with confidence and if you follow these simple rules you will.


Cover image is from the Bianca Spender Spring 2018 Collection.



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