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The Practical Considerations Of Extending Your Home

The Practical Considerations Of Extending Your Home

When it comes to your home, you’re always going to want to make sure that it’s perfect. Perfect for you and your family, for your lifestyle, and designed to your taste too. But this can be hard. Because if you’re not working with the space that you want, you may feel limited or restricted. Now, moving isn’t always the answer here. And if you feel as if you love your home, but it’s not quite big enough, the extending could be the perfect answer. But, as with all home renovations, you will want to make sure that you’re considering this properly. Because there are always going to be positives about doing this, and then things that are a little bit challenging. So it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons.

Now, when you are running out of room and you really don’t want to move, then you are going to find that this will be the biggest selling feature for you. And maybe you really do want to go ahead with it. And that’s great. However, you will want to ensure that you are making some key practical considerations before you jump into this as a project. And this can work in a range of ways. Firstly, because you’re going to find that it’s good to make sure that your are prepared for this. But also, to decide on whether or not to go ahead.

The Time Scale

To start with, you need to understand how long this is going to take. And that you’re going to have tradesmen around a lot of the time. So your house and your family life may be disrupted for quite some time whilst all of this is taking place.

The Permission

Something that a lot of people don’t always know about, but that can really affect how things work out for you here, is the planning permit process. So, if you know nothing about it yet, this is where you can start. Because if you are not going to get the permits to go ahead, you cannot extend. And it’s essential to understand this.

The Planning

At the same time, you’ve then got the planning itself. Because the permits are one thing, but do you even know what kind of look you’re going for? Do you know how much space you need? Here, you’re going to want to find a good architect to help you. You need to be able to find a professional that can make the most of the space, and get the plans approved for you.

The Budget

And then there’s always the budget to consider too. This can be quite the touchy subject with a lot of people. But it’s also something that you’re going to want to work on and aim to get as right as possible. So think about how much you have available to spend. Or get a rough estimate of the work and a range of quotes to that you can get a budget together. Then, it could be that you need to save some more, or that you have to cut your extension costs in order to be able to go ahead with it.

The Design

There’s also the design to consider too. Because you will want to make sure that it’s in keeping with that perfect ideal that you have in mind. If not, you might want to work with an interior designer so that you get the look together that you want.

The Process

But that’s not all, because then there’s also the process for you to think about here. Are you going to hire a project manager and full construction company to take things on for you? Or are you going to hire the tradesman because you know it’s best to hire an excavator and the other tools and manage things yourself? Really think about what you want out of the process and how this is going to work out best for you here.

The Finish

And finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re considering the finish here too. This is incredible important. Because will the finished effect blend well with your house as it is already? And are you actually going to have the space that you need – or in a few years time will you wish that you did things differently? For this reason, it’s often best to hold off, save a bit more, then make sure that you do the extension on the scale, and to the standard, that you really want.



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