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Let’s Talk Budgeting…

Let’s Talk Budgeting…

All you need is a simple Excel spreadsheet

It does not matter how much money you have got in the bank, if you do not budget effectively, you are going to be wasting cash and missing out on opportunities to save. This is why you need to do everything in your power to make sure that you put together a good budget and that you stick to it. However, this does not need to be a massive undertaking. This is something you can do with ease if you follow the tips that we are going to provide you with below. So, let’s get started…

There is only one place to begin, and this is with how you are going to create your budget and what software you are going to use. This is a big decision for a lot of people. They spend a lot of time researching different solutions online and even spending money on budgeting software. There really is no need to do this. All you need is a simple Excel spreadsheet and you are good to go. You should enter all of your incomings and outgoings per month, and then you will be able to see what is left over so that you can budget effectively. It is as simple as that. You can then use different tools to help you while out and about. Check out this Personal Capital review to help you with that. You certainly do not need to spend a fortune or go for anything complicated though.

Be realistic

You also need to be realistic. Firstly, make sure that every expense is included in your budget, no matter how minor it may seem. These costs all add up in the end. Plus, if you do not enter all of your incomings and outgoings, your figures are going to be off in the end, which can be a big issue. In addition to this, you need to remember that once you have deducted your outgoings, you still need to leave money for your living expenses. Make sure this is a realistic amount. You cannot simply give yourself a few pennies to live off. If you set yourself up for failure, your budget is never going to work.

Don’t let your budget limit you

Finally, just because your budget states that you are only going to be earning ‘X’ amount per month through your income does not mean that this is the ceiling of your incomings. There are so many different ways you can make some extra cash today, so why not take advantage of them?

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can make budgeting easy. If you follow all of the advice that has been presented above, you can go a long way to making sure that you do not waste any cash and that you take advantage of any opportunities to save money that come your way. It definitely does not need to be as complicated as everyone makes out.



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