Is Your Office Making Employees Miserable?

Workforce Woes: Is Your Office Making Employees Miserable?

When you own a business, you’re responsible for taking care of your employees. One way you might be making them miserable without even realising is with a toxic office. Think about it, this is the place where they spend a massive part of their week (and life in general!) Making sure it’s up to scratch will mean happier workers and in turn, can boost productivity which is great news for you. Here’s where you could be going wrong.

The office is the wrong temperature

There are guidelines to the minimum and maximum temperatures allowed in the workplace. If they drop below, or go above this then your staff are legally allowed to leave (and be paid for their time off!) However, even if your workplace is staying within guidelines, it can easily become to stuffy in summer and too chilly in winter to work comfortably- and so this is something to pay attention to. Commercial air conditioning and heating could be fitted in your workplace if needed, and a thermostat on the wall will allow you to keep tabs and ensure everyone is kept comfortable. Your workers are only human after all, if they’re sat shivering in winter or sweating in the summer then they’re never going to be doing their best work.

There’s not enough light

As humans, we are strongly influenced by light and darkness. Our entire circadian rhythm can be thrown off without the right lighting, it’s a reason why some people can suffer with seasonal affective disorder in winter. One thing to be aware of as a business owner is that natural light is a mood booster, and so the simple act of rearranging your office so that desks are close to windows can make a big difference. Boosted mood means happier workers and better productivity, and it didn’t cost you a penny. Throughout the rest of your office, you’ll want to make sure the lighting is right too. Use daylight bulbs which are kinder on the eyes than harsh fluorescents, and can prevent eye strain and migraine in workers.

They’re restless

Most of us these days work sedentary jobs. We’re sat in front of a computer at a desk, meaning for a large proportion of the day we’re not doing much activity at all. Not only is this bad for health, but it can also cause restless energy that can affect productivity. There are a few ways you can help to alleviate this when it comes to your staff. You can promote activity during breaks, encourage workers to take a walk nearby, or set up a pool table or other casual game that they can enjoy on their lunch. Invest in under desk exercise equipment, or switch to standing desks. Even just taking a break for a few moments where they can rest their eyes from the computer, have a drink of water and stretch their legs can boost productivity for the rest of the afternoon.


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