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Focusing on Customer Relations Within Your Small Business

Focusing on Customer Relations Within Your Small Business

One of the oldest sayings that is employed by companies is that “the customer is always right”. Historically, the quote is associated with the owners of Macy’s and Selfridges – high end department stores that have managed to flourish over time, raking in vast amounts of profit. So if the attitude worked for these successful companies then it should surely work for your store too! Here’s just a little more information on the subject alongside a few different ways that you can keep your customers happy at all times!

Why Is the Customer Always Right?

Of course, every single customer isn’t always going to be right. Some will have poor intentions and be trying to complain to get something for nothing. However, generally speaking, the phrase suggests that you need to offer customers what they want in order to finalise sales and turn over profits. By sticking by this motto, you will ensure that customers feel they will receive high quality and fair service when dealing with you and it will also ensure that your employees have a good attitude towards customer service!

Offering Great Customer Service

The best way to maintain good relations with your customer and to maintain a good reputation in their mind is to focus on customer service within your small business. Here are a few steps that you can take to assure this!

Focus on CRM

CRM stands for “customer relationship management”. It is important for any business and should be an area that you lay particular focus on. This field will help you to determine how you and your employees interact with customers in a way that keeps customers happy without letting them walk all over you. There is plenty of software out there, such as Agentbox, that can help you to understand this and to manage your customer relations effectively.

Train Your Staff

You need to train any staff member who is going to come into contact with customers shopping with your company. Teach them how to greet potential customers, how to answer frequently asked questions, and how to encourage sales without being too harsh or pushy. You should also ensure that they are familiar with your store’s refund and exchange policies to make transactions as quick and easy as possible for all involved.

Open Up Communication

You should offer customers as many different ways of getting in touch with you as possible. Make sure that your business has a phone that can be rung, that you have social media profiles, and that you have a professional email address. These can all be means of communication between you and your customers!

Hopefully, the above information will help you to not only focus on customer relations within your small business, but will also help you to improve communication and relationships between you and your customers too!



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