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Self Care During A Time Of Pandemic

wellbeing during pandemic
We need to take more care and action for ourselves right now. And seeing as we’re in the middle of a pandemic right now, these ‘me time’ sessions are going to have to hit hard.

There’s a lot of things isolation has done to really change the way we live life, the way we take care of ourselves, and how we see the world around us. Most of all, it’s made escaping stress next to impossible, and being able to take some time for yourself to forget about what’s happening out there is harder than ever before! 

But that’s why we need to take more care and action for ourselves right now. And seeing as we’re in the middle of a pandemic right now, these ‘me time’ sessions are going to have to hit hard.

Check What’s Really True

Before you get going with pampering yourself a little, it’s important to take to the internet. Instead of ‘doomscrolling’, look for verifiable sources of information to find out what’s really true about the Coronavirus, and how it’s affecting your local area. 

Once you know exactly what you need to know, in the form of cold, hard fact, rather than rumour or fear mongering that came from a friend of a friend, you’ll feel much more at peace. You’ll feel safer, both in yourself and at home, and that’s crucial right now. 

Always check official government and health sources, before anything else. Stay away from tabloids, as who knows if what they’re printing is actually true, and take everything you hear with a pinch of salt until you verify it for yourself. Be proactive right now, stick to the rules, and question what’s on the wind. 

Exercise Lightly Around Your Own Home

Exercise is something we all need to include in our lives, simply because it’s good for our bodies, and keeps us feeling young, supple, and healthy. And if you’re someone who’s been particularly isolated and/or stunted by the lockdown, you’re going to want to up the amount of exercise you get every week most of all. 

However, don’t take on too much at once. You’ll just stress yourself out, and you’ll find your new routine impossible to stick to. Take it easy, be kind to yourself, and do some light exercises – stretches are particularly important, especially if you work from home and are sitting at a computer desk a lot. Make sure you’re taking care of your legs and your back with lumbar support stretches, such as the ones seen in this guide

Getting Rid of the Damage Caused By Masks

As a responsible person, whenever you go out, or you’re around other people, you’re going to be wearing a mask. This not only keeps you safe, but keeps them self as well, and combining a mask and distance between you and the people you’re talking to can drastically reduce your chance of catching anything. 

However, wearing a mask throughout the day, especially if you’re working an 8 hour or more shift at the same time, can leave your face looking worse for wear. Colloquially known as ‘maskne’, all kinds of blemishes like spots can appear around your nose, mouth, and chin, simply because you’re sweating behind the material and all those oils are getting trapped.  

A big part of self care is feeling good about yourself, and if this specific form of acne is getting you down, we’re here to help! Here are some tips on how to prevent maskne, and if you’ve got some nice bath bombs and a bunch of candles to hand right now, why not set up a spa day for yourself that really cleanse and moisturize your skin? 

Rearrange Your Sleeping Pattern

Sleep is something you’re either getting a little too much of right now, or not enough, and there doesn’t seem to be any in between! After all, you have a much less rigid routine to follow, and much more free time on your hands, and that makes waking up to that alarm (or getting into bed in the first place) a very difficult thing to do. 

However, you’re not alone. Many, many people are reporting sleep problems right now, and knowing it’s not just you can be a great help. There are some great advice guidelines to follow right here, and if you’re sick of not getting the sleep you really want, it’s time to put in some effort to make a change. 

We’re doing everything we can to keep both ourselves and others safe, and when you’ve got some time at the weekend, make sure you’re saving it for a bout of ‘me time’ that you so desperately need and deserve! 



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