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Road Testing Cryo Therapy – Freezing my Butt Off

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Today I experimented with Cryo Therapy treatment designed to be amazing for health, in my case for inflammation. I have a lesser known form of arthritis, called psoriatic athritis (PsA). It is related to psoriasis and affects everyone differently, some people have the skin condition as well, but as with my, I only get mild skin symptoms, such as bad nails (so I wear acrylics) and weird rashes when I get stressed. I’d seen Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump trying it on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I was surprised with the time it takes, just 2 minutes (up to 3), but you would be surprised at how slowly 2 minutes is when you are in a Cryo Sauna.

Friendly Staff at Cryo Therapy Edgecliff

I was greeted by the super friendly and sympathetic Ange, who made me feel at ease straight away, which was nice as I was a bit anxious. It was a bit out of my comfort zone. Usually the cold weather makes my arthritis worse, so I wasn’t convinced it would help my body. Ushered into my own booth, the salon was very much like a space age version of the cubicles I go into before x-rays and scans. I took off all jewellery and all my clothes except my undies, and slipped on the crisp waffle weave robe.

Preparation for Cryo Therapy

I then watched an introductory video on the treatment, what to do and what to expect. When I was ready and had signed the terms and conditions in the wall mounted Ipad, a door slid open and I walked to where the Cryo chamber.

The Cryo Therapy Experience

The Cryo theraphy chamber is like the opposite of a sunbed. When Ange told me that the treatment would only be 2 minutes I was surprised as it seemed very short. I put on some socks (should have brought my own), and also was given a pair of woolly boots and gloves. Ange explained to me that there are small blood vessels in the fingers and toes that need protection during cold therapy.

Ange guided me into the chamber, the door of which, opened to reveal a plaform that elevated my head and shoulders above the chamber as you can see from the video below.

The tube is an open-topped chamber about the size of a small shower. My body will be was briefly enveloped in a fine nitrogen mist and safely cooled to approximately −140°c for 2 minutes. Ange told me to march in place and move my elbows, so I marched to “Walking on Sunshine”  which was a pretty ironic song choice for a freezing tube. It was cold, didn’t feel as cold as getting into the ocean during the Spring in Sydney. I’d rather do this than get into a cold swimming pool.

cryo therapy for arthritis
cryo therapy for arthritis

Afterwards – Immediate Results

When the time was up, Ange lowered the plaform and I stepped down, and straight into the robe again. Immediately I felt invigorated and a little euphoric, but not hyper. My body tingled all over, in a good way. I haven’t had lunch so felt a tiny bit light headed, but that was my fault for skipping lunch and not drinking anough water.

As I put my clothes back on my joints felt immediately a lot better, and I could easily slip on my wedding ring which is my inflammation barometre, when I can get it on or off I know my inflammation is controlled. I stipped it on easily.

cryo therapy (image courtesy of )
cryo therapy (image courtesy of )

After effects – through the rest of the day

I felt great. My joints felt a lot less hot and swollen. It was really helpful for my psoriatic arthritis, the systemic, symmetrical swelling that effects my fingers, hips, lower back and feet. I have grade IV osteoarthritis in my knee and it didn’t help with that, but I suspect multiple treatments would be good for this. I can definitively say for several hours afterwards I had relief from my swelling caused by PsA. As I write this at 9pm at the end of the day, my swelling is coming up again, but the results earlier, and the reduction of my swelling was significant. While only anectdotal, I would recommend this to anyone who want drug free anti-inflammatory treatment.

cryo therapy for knee pain (image via )
cryo therapy for knee pain (image via )

Final thoughts?

I can’t claim anything about the long term effects of Cryo, but short term it really helped bring down my inflammation, and I felt euphic and tingly afterwards. I will most definitely be back for more treatments.

Next day comments

I slep like a baby, and woke up much easier than I normally do. My hands/finger swelling is still there, but I feel well and healthy apart from that. I am definitely going to do it again. My husband is also going to use it during the 18 foot skiff world championships for muscle recovery (they race for 2 weeks with back to back races each day and only a few down days – so this treatment, located just up the hill from the 18 footer club and where they sail out of, is perfectly located).

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