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Du’it – The Family Skin care Brand That Genuinely Cares

DU'IT Tough Hands

 (image courtesy of instagram @kaynelawton )

What is DU’IT Skincare?

DU’IT is a range is a range that began in 1998, by husband and wife, Pynith and Zina.

Zina had worked in hospitals with many patients, including those suffering from diabetes, with painful, dry, cracked heels and foot skin conditions due to their larger health issues.

After trialing products on the market with no real joy, Zina decided to make a reliable, well formulated product to address this. With the aid of a colleague, Zina formulated a treatment cream, to help people with general skin problems and also target people with Diabetes related foot problems.

Trial and Error Towards The Perfect Skincare Products

Working with pharmacists and specialists – Zina & Pynith created a product they felt was perfect, testing on family and friends. The feedback was very positive, which led to the birth of the iconic DU’IT F&H Balm.

So committed to this product, Pynith and Zina quit their full time jobs to put their hearts, bodies and minds into the promotion of their new creation to chemists and hospitals so they could help people with skin conditions that needed treatment.

From the humble origins of the classic Australian business foundations, the home garage, they spent the first five years working hard at getting their product out into the world.

Overcoming Competition in the large skincare industry

As with any new business, especially in the competitive area of skincare, where there are some big companies with huge advertising budgets, it can be hard to get through. With the help of the entire family, from children to grandparents, Zina and Pynith’s optimism and confidence in the product, they believed that their efforts would pay off.

An Australian Made Success Story

All the DU’IT product are the end result of extensive research, technology and rigorous testing. DU’IT use the highest quality base ingredients in their treatments.

Today you will find DU’IT products in large pharmacy chains like Chemist Warehouse, Priceline as well as small independent chemists. The products are even on the shelves of Woolworths and Coles.

No content to rest of their laurels, Zina and Pynith looked to the international market, and is also available internationally throughout USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Middle East, Hong Kong and China.

DU’IT is also ranked as the top hand care and foot care brand in China.

But What About The DU’IT Skincare Products?

DUIT Tough Hands for Her

Tough Hands for Her
DUIT Tough Hands for Her

Women’s hands can have a tough time of it, and  without wanting to sound like a stereotype, I find with cleaning really takes a toll on my hands. (Exit Mould, Ajax and the like, even with gloves, manage to get through and irritate my hands. I also have psoriatic arthritis (an autoimmune disease) with mild psoriasis on my fingers. Why shouldn’t we women have our own version of the iconic DU’IT Tough Hands original)?  In a smaller tube than it’s male counterpart, so handbag or car sized. And at a modest $9.95, you can have a tube everywhere.

Instantly my hands felt like they’d had a drink, I could still type, use my phone and get on with work stuff and driving, without waiting for it to soak in. There was no greasy feeling and after a quick massage, my hands felt lovely. Not only does it have moisturising properties, but also contains salicylic acid and sorbic acid, which help to exfoliate dead skin, without the need for steriod based creams.  The fragrance is not overpowering as so many regular or cosmetics hand creams. It smells a little like almonds possibly because it contains sweet almond oil. If anything my hands felt a tiny bit sticky, but not greasy or slimy.

I’ve been using this product for 4 days so far and my dermatitis has gone, and the skin around my nails which was dry due to my acrylic nails and chemicals the girls use in the nail salon is much better.

From Instagram DU'IT Tough Hands for Her
From Instagram DU’IT Tough Hands for Her

DU’IT VE+ (Vitamin E Face Cream)

Vitamin E Face Cream 50g
Vitamin E Face Cream 50g

The next product to catch my eye was the beautifully packaged box of Vitamin E Face Cream.I am now obsessed about this product, with it’s incredible list of ingredients. None of my department store brands have a formulation this good. I cannot believe a product of this calibre is reasonably priced. This is a definite holy grail product for dry skin on the face.

According to the website, this high potency 120iu/g or 12% of naturally derived Vitamin E is 6 times that of the standard Vitamin E cream. It is formulated to address skin concerns such as reinforcing the skin’s natural ability to form a shield from pollution, dehydration from air conditioning. By preventing dryness the cream helps the skin to look younger for longer, and helps with scars from acne and other skin conditions.

I applied it to one side of my face, and left the other and then slept that way. In the morning, the side I had applied it to felt dewy and soft, but the other side was dry with a little flakiness. I could see a visible difference in the appearance of fine lines and pores, after just one application. At just $12.95 this is a total winner for me.

Because it is not to girly looking I can also convince my husband, a competitive sailor who’s position on the yacht is the point end, so gets the worst weather and the sea has to offer, to use it when he does ocean races, on night watch of when he sleeps. Because its a light tube, and looks like a treatment, he can pass it around without being laughed at (well maybe just a bit ) – sailors are a tough bunch.

I will apply it to my husband MK’s face daily for a week to see if it makes a visible difference. Stay tuned.

Which brings me to my next three products:

DU’IT Foot & Heel Balm PLUS

Foot & Heel Balm PLUS
Foot & Heel Balm PLUS

As I get older I have noticed more and more how dry my feet get – especially my heels. Being the vain Leo that I am I hate the look of “elephant heels” with sandals or strappy shoes from the back. I’ve used those crazy foot bags, that  make you skin peel, but haven’t come across a product that prevents the build up of dead skin. Voila, problem solved. With AHAs (chemical exfoliants) it will help the build up of dead skin cells, preventing that “elephant heel”.

When I opened it and felt the texture it is thick, but silky, and absorbed into the skin quickly, so I won’t be sliding around on the floor boards. It instantly soften the callouses on my big toes, and my dry heels. I’m going to put it on hubby MK’s dresser dresser as a hint and reminder.

I will use this for the next 5 days and will report back. Stay tuned.

DU'IT Tough Hands
DU’IT Foot and Heel Balm

DU’IT Tough Hands

DUIT Tough Hands 150g
DUIT Tough Hands 150g

An iconic product, this is a great one for the guys. It looks masculine and is a big tube. Men tend to apply more product than women, so bigger tubes are great.

I can throw this into MK’s sailing bag when he’s not looking and it can help with his hands that get calloused and sore, even with sailing gloves. It also looks “blokey” enough to throw around to grateful team mates. The smell isn’t strong, and with an impressive ingredient listing, with huge dollop of ultra-moisturising urea and Vitamin E, along with the usual moisturising ingredients, this product is as good as a hand cream can get, for men or women, but the large tube and triumphant man’s hand on the front, it is definitely geared towards the male market.

Tough Hands Original - Handcare for Blokes
Tough Hands Original – Hand care for Blokes (I’m slipping this into MK’s sailing bag)

I’ve asked MK to trial it for 5 days night and day to see if he notices the difference. Watch this space…

DU’IT Roll-A-Balm Heel Balm

Rollabalm Heel Balm 50ml
Rollabalm Heel Balm 50ml

My final product is the Rollabalm Dry Foot and Heel with comes in a roll-on, and is a great size for travelling, such as when hubby does ocean racing or mountain bike weekends, or my my 16 year old girl who spends summer holiday with bare feet, can apply after a day at the beach, before bed. The convenience and speed of application is going to be a bonus for my on the go family. My daughter CGK loved it the first time she tried it.

This dries really quickly, feels a little sticky, bit not greasy. It smells lemony and a bit like a citronella candle so not gender specific and quite pleasant.

I’ve asked my 16-year-old CGK to trial it for 5 days night and day to see if she notices a difference. Watch this space…

Final verdict about DUIT Tough Hands?

I’m really impressed by the quality of the formulations, ingredient lists and packaging of all of these great products, all within such a modest price point. I think that the company ethos, as a family based company with a genuine interest in caring for skin, is wonderful and the products are an Australian-made success story.

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Note: this article was not sponsored or paid, nor are the links affiliate links. I received samples with no obligation to post reviews. My opinions expressed here are entirely my own.








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