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Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather

Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather

Our homes should be a safe and comfortable place for us, and even though we like to keep them secure, there are many other considerations we need to think about. Winter can be a wonderful time of year, with Christmas on the horizon and hot chocolate and warm blankets to cuddle under there are many positives, but as with anything, there is a downside to the winter months. Having your own home is a wonderful thing to experience. And we must never forget to be grateful for this privilege. But it comes with challenges such as not being able to predict what the hot weather might do to our homes. Here are some ways that may help you keep on top of the weatherproofing

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When the rain starts pouring, and you find that you have a blocked gutter it can be incredibly frustrating, this also reflects in your home quite significantly if the water is running down the side of the walls. Ultimately it’s a simple task, but with technology such as a porter that you’re going to find it much easier to fix the problem before it becomes anything serious. If you don’t like the idea of sorting your guttering yourself, many companies will help you with this who use technology such as PorterVac. Not only does the guttering need emptying, but it’s also quite essential to keep a check on it for any cracks or weaknesses. This is a perfect time to do it just before winter kicks in so that you know that your start in the winter season with his little problems as possible in that area. It may be a bit of a tedious task, but when the rain starts pouring and you realise it’s a job you haven’t sorted yourself, you will regret not taking the opportunity.

Window coverings

How exactly you cover your windows is a personal choice, some people have net, some people have blinds some people have shutters, and none of these is the wrong option, but there may be options that help keep the draft out a bit better than others. Thermal and blackout blinds are trendy when it comes to those of us trying to keep our houses warm. The reason for this is because windows are quite a big area to lose heat and energy through a home. So even though this decision is usually based on taste, and themes chosen for your home, it can also be a big consideration for practicalities. We’ll want a warm house during the winter, and this is one trick that will keep you warm all year round.

Central heating

I know most of us to have proper central heating in our homes, but every year it’s worth getting your boiler serviced, and checking that your gas pipes, and other forms of heating, are up-to-date, safe, and aren’t going to cause you any issues. Just keeping an eye on the water pressure, any leaks, and maintenance will be the best plan of action to ensure no problems arise. If your boiler is due an upgrade then before the winter is a much better option than it breaking down mid freeze! There are plenty of maintenance options available with energy companies as well. So you might find you end up with a great deal too! 

So don’t forget your hot chocolate, and your mobile phone, while you work through the list of things to check before winter hits. Being caught out in the middle of the freezing cold weather is never fun and can leave you with unexpected bills and stress you don’t need or want. Especially around the festive season. And as they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We have all of the tools available to be able to keep ahead of the game, so it’s essential to get this right for your own sake. 



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