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Making Your New House Feel More Like Home

Making Your New House Feel More Like Home

Moving to a new house brings a lot of excitement, and let’s face it, a lot of work getting it ready. But despite all the happiness that comes with a new home, it takes a while for it to feel like your home. It can take a while to settle, but once you do, it’ll be the best feeling! 

Ready to make your new house feel like home? Here are some tips that will get you there in no time!

Start painting

One of the quickest ways to make your new home feel like yours is to paint it. Painting your home puts your own stamp on things, making it truly feel like yours. There are some great colour trends this year that gives you plenty of variety when it comes to decorating. From feature walls to something a bit more artistic, there are some really cool things you can do to make your home feel more like your own.

Choose artwork you love

One of the things that makes a space unique is the artwork you choose to fill it with. Family photos, your favourite prints and some art that you love can all add a personal touch to your home and fill it with happy memories. Gallery walls are becoming really popular and are a great way to create your own special display that reflects the things and people you love.

Get some affordable home accessories 

Getting your furniture in place is usually the priority when you move home. Furniture can be very expensive, and it could be a while before you bring those little finishing touches in. For now, why not look around at stores like Target and H&M to pick up some affordable home pieces that will make your home feel fuller? From cushions and textiles to candles and ornaments, you’ll be surprised at the difference after picking up a couple of nice home bits. Once you’ve got your larger items in place, you can then look to invest in some other home accessories that will help to complete your space. 

Keep your home clean and clutter-free

Moving home inevitably leads to mess and clutter, which can feel draining when you’re at home. It feels hard to enjoy your new surroundings when all you see are boxes and things that need doing. There can also be a lot of dust to deal with, especially if you’ve moved into a new build home! Form some habits that will help you keep your home clean every day, it will be a big help in the long-run and make sure that you’re not constantly dealing with a messy home. Try unpacking as quick as you can to make the most of a box-free space.

Make the outside more welcoming

After moving home, your focus is likely to be on the inside as opposed to the outside. But working on the outside of your home can help it feel more welcoming, giving you a lot of comfort when as you drive up to it. 

There are different things you can do to make the outside look more welcoming. A welcome mat makes a great start! There are door mats available online in all kinds of designs that can look great outside your front door. Other touches include adding some lighting, some plants and vases and a house number style that you’ve chosen. You could also paint your front door and garage to give it a personal touch.

Pick fragrances you’ll love coming home to

Home fragrance is about much more than making your home smell nice! It’s a great way to fill your home with smells that are familiar and welcoming, helping you feel more settled. You’ll find plenty of beautiful home scents to choose from that will create the perfect mood for your home. From candles and diffusers to plug-ins and room sprays, you’ll find plenty of amazing ways to fill your home with fragrance.

Add some plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are an easy way to make your house feel more homely. They can add some colour and brighten up a blank space, as well as make your home look a little more lived-in. Even if you’re not great with plant care, you’ll find that there are some amazing low-maintenance indoor plants that will be easy to look after in your home. 

Of course, there’s always the option of artificial plants and flowers if you prefer that evergreen look!

Find your cosy spot

Coming home after a long day is a great feeling. There’s nothing better than relaxing in your own space! So why not focus on creating one cosy spot in your home that will help you relax and unwind, and allow you to simply chill. Your cosy spot should include some comforting textiles and be somewhere you know you can feel at ease. An armchair or a spot on the sofa is perfect!

As well as your cosy spot for relaxation, make sure your bedroom is comfortable too. Your dream bedroom should be designed for sleep, with minimal fuss and distractions. A cosy bed, some black-out curtains and some beautiful decor items can be all you need to make your home feel that much homelier. A new home is a great excuse to get a new bed or mattress, helping you get a better night’s sleep than you’ve had in a long time!

While it can take a while to settle into your new space, there are things you can do to speed up the process. Get started with your decorating early and bring in those personal touches that will make your home feel more like your own. Over time, you’ll be adding more of your ideas and style to each room of the house, eventually making it feel completely yours. When you’re fully settled, you won’t be able to help but smile as you look around and appreciate your new home. Enjoy taking it all in, it’s yours now!



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