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Don’t End Up In Hot Water – 5 Reasons To Have Your Boiler Serviced This Winter

Winter heating

Having on-demand access to clean, hot water is something that most of us take for granted on a day to day basis. It’s not often until our boiler breaks down and we’re left without hot water that we truly realise how many things we use it for such as washing up and showering and if you’re unfortunate enough to have your boiler break down in the winter then you could also be facing some very cold days and nights without your central heating. So don’t let yourself end up in hot (or cold) water this winter with a broken down boiler, get it serviced! Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons that may change your mind. 

  1. Servicing your boiler can help to keep both you and your family safe
    Boilers produce an odourless and colourless gas called Carbon Monoxide, which is often dubbed the silent killer. This gas is usually vented away from your home but leakages can occur over time which is why it’s vital that a qualified technician checks your boiler regularly to catch any potential weak points. Servicing your boiler can save you money

  2. That’s right if you’re driven by the potential to make a saving, then getting your boiler serviced can also save you money. Having your boiler serviced allows your hot water electrician to catch any small repairs before they become major and require expensive fixes and servicing your boiler can also ensure that it is running to maximum efficiency and isn’t using unnecessary amounts of fuel.

  3. Servicing your boiler could be required by law
    If you’re a landlord and let out your property to tenants then you are required by law to have an annual gas safety check which includes checking your boiler and any other gas appliances such as your stove. This law has been put in place to keep tenants safe and it’s your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that the safety checks are carried out to do so.

  4. Servicing your boiler could extend its life
    Boilers are expensive pieces of equipment to replace which means they’re something that you want to to take good care of to avoid them meeting an early grave. Servicing your boiler allows engineers to find any parts of your boiler which are wearing out so that they can replace them, helping your boiler to live longer.

Servicing your boiler can help to keep it under warranty
If you have a new boiler you may be thinking that you don’t need to get it serviced, after all, you should get at least a few years work out of it before things start to go wrong right? Well, yes, this is true but if you want to keep your boiler under warranty then you may still wish to do so. Many people don’t realise that for their warranty to be valid they must have their boiler serviced by a registered gas safety engineer. If you do not have your boiler serviced and keep a service record then when you begin to experience problems later down the line you may find that your manufacturer is not obliged to pay out to cover the cost of the parts or repairs.



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