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Nine Unusual Things Your Prospective Buyers Will Check During Showings

Nine Unusual Things Your Prospective Buyers Will Check During Showings

If your plan for this year is to move to a new area or upgrade your living environment, you might want to make sure that you can maximize the price you get for your old house, so you can get a better deal when you are looking for your future home. Getting ready for the viewings after getting your property advertised in the market, however, is challenging. It is important that you put yourself in your potential buyers’ shoes and find out what makes them tick or run. Below you will find a list of things your buyers might be checking when visiting your house for sale without you knowing.

interior design
interior design and fixtures

Your Roof Condition

The first thing your prospective buyers will check during showings is the roof condition. You might not notice them checking out the roof tiles and the gutter, but that is the first thing they will inspect when pulling up in front of your house. Repairing an old and tired-looking roof can cost a small fortune, and house hunters would do everything to avoid paying for this repair immediately after moving. If you have missing tiles, or your roof needs cleaning, you can find a roofing company that can make it look brand new and restore its condition. Learn more about the common roof problems that can scare away prospective buyers before arranging showings.

The Quality of Your Fixtures

The next thing your prospective buyers will check is your bathroom and your kitchen faucets and joinery. You must inspect these two areas, and make sure that you have a contemporary design and quality fittings. Upgrading your faucet and bath will not cost you a lot of money, but it will make a huge difference when it comes to selling. An old, dripping faucet that is covered in years’ worth of limescale will not attract offers. Make everything as shiny and new as possible, and change some fittings if necessary.

Your Neighborhood

Chances are that before your guests arrive to check out your property they would have already researched crime and school statistics. They might have walked to your house from the closest supermarket, and visited school websites. However, be prepared that they will ask you strange questions about proposed buildings and developments, as well. Right after leaving your home, some people might even decide to knock on your neighbors’ door as well, to ask them questions.

Quality of the Building and Walls

People willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house and committing to decades of paying their mortgage will want to get the most value of their property purchase. This means they might check the condition of the walls, looking for imperfections and cavities. You might even find them knocking on internal walls, to find out whether they are made of brick, concrete, plywood, or plasterboard. For some couples insulation and soundproofing is important.

Direction of Windows

If you have a garden, and large windows, you need to know that south-facing properties are generally more popular. This means that if you have a garden spot that is always sunny, you need to highlight its features. South-facing windows need to be enhanced and properly presented. Your buyers want to move into a light and sunny home, and don’t want to leave the light on all day. Make the most out of your property’s natural light, and you will have an easier job selling it.

Heating and Air Conditioning

If your viewers want to see your central heating system, and look at your heaters in each room for a long time, you might be dealing with a worrying buyer who wants an easy life. A new or relatively modern central heating and air conditioning system that is in a good condition can make a huge difference. Be prepared for the questions, and show them the maintenance documents and repair bills. Have your bills ready, as they might want to know how effective your HVAC system is.

Loft Space

Loft space
Loft space

Some buyers might want to extend your property’s capacity on a budget. If you have an attic space that can be turned into a spare room, play den, or even a workshop, be sure that you emphasize this. Find out whether or not you need a building permit for converting a loft space, and present them with the facts, just in case. Having a potential for extension can increase the amount offered for your home, and your chances of selling your house.


Today’s buyers would do anything to save money on energy bills and live a greener life. You might want to add extra loft and wall insulation before you put your home on the market. This way, you can make sure that you are catering for the needs of Millennials. You can improve your heat and sound insulation by getting double pane windows installed, and adding an extra layer of foam on the ceiling. If you can improve your home’s energy consumption, buyers who are concerned about their family’s carbon footprint and budget will be more likely to choose your house.

Sign of Pets

sign of pets
sign of petsroperty, real estate, showings,

The last thing your potential buyers will be searching for is the sign of pets. They will be worried that they left a smell, or damage in the property. Some house hunters, on the other hand, might be allergic to pets, and will be worried about the cost of deep cleaning before they would move in. You need to try to take your family’s life out of the property when staging it for potential buyers. Don’t leave dog bowls out, and get rid of pet beds that can be smelly and make the space look untidy.

When staging your house for potential buyers, you will need to step in the shoes of house hunters. Pay attention to the roof, the walls, and the overall quality of fittings. Get rid of tired-looking furniture and dripping faucets, and eliminate the sign of pets. Focus on the positive aspects of your house, such as south-facing windows and patio, or the potential of loft space conversion, and you will have a better chance for getting offers.



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