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Any Old Jewellery Sitting Around? You Might Get More For It Than You Think!

Any Old Jewellery Sitting Around? You Might Get More For It Than You Think!

At one point or another, there was probably that random piece of jewellery which we just stopped wearing. Whatever the reason might have been, perhaps that particular piece might have brought up some bad memories, or maybe you grew out of liking it, the point is that you are not exactly getting much from them just lying around. If you wouldn’t mind getting some extra money for the road, and a bit more space in your jewellery box, then it might just be time to sell some of it. Of course, easier said than done, but worry not, as we are about to go through the two main types of jewellery that people tend to sell. Let’s briefly look at how you could effectively take care of this situation, rather than getting ripped off at the local “WE BUY ANY GOLD” establishment.

Diamonds and pearls

Ok, maybe just diamonds, but the phrase is simply too good not to use. The best thing you can do when trying to sell a diamond is doing some research about it to not get ripped off later on. As much as your own personal research will manage to do, it will probably not beat the advice of a professional, and some are nice enough to even give you some advice for free. If you check out, you can read up on some rather insightful advice when it comes to the topic of diamonds. It’s always hard to replace years of experience, and this time it is no different. After you’re done doing your research and setting a reasonable price on your piece of jewellery, you have to find an appropriate buyer. Now, you have two options when it comes to searching for a buyer, you either sell to the jewellery industry, or you sell to someone privately. If you want to get it over and done with quickly, with no fuss, little time taken, and no dodgy dealings, then go ahead and sell to a pawnbroker. If you want to go around and see if you could make maximum profit on your sale, and are willing to sift through several people before you find a good buyer, then private selling is the way to go.

All that glitters is gold

Much like with the diamond situation, go ahead and do your research first before you start shooting from the hip. Go see a few specialists, get a proper appraisal of your jewellery to get a rough idea where you stand, and then once again you go and find a buyer. Similar to the diamond-selling scenario, you can sell to the industry and get it over and done with, smoothly and effortlessly, or you can find a private buyer for maximum profits. The difference is that gold selling is much more common than diamond selling, so there are a lot of businesses which are involved in it. And of course, on every successful field, there’s a leech on the belly, with dodgy looking places offering strange prices for various things, promising things such as “hassle-free transactions” and whatnot. Before you sell, make sure your buyer is trustworthy and has some sort of reputation in the field.



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