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How To Balance your Work and Home Life Whilst Dating

How To Balance your Work-Home Life When Dating

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of being on a date with someone who you really like. The problem is that if you get an important work call in the middle of dinner, you may feel the need to run off and answer it. You may also feel the need to try and make excuses as to why you have to leave and this can leave a really bad impression on the person who you are dining with. Situations like this can’t always be avoided, but there are a couple of things that you can do to try and make things easier on both yourself and your date.

Make a Work and Love Life Plan

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your work life is going to be compatible with the person who you are dating. For example, if you are a nurse and you work really long hours then you may not want to date someone who only works part-time. The main reason for this is because you may find it hard to see each other and with them having more free time than you, this could cause issues.

It helps to sign up to matchmaking sites when you are looking for a date, and the main reason for this is because it gives you the chance to find out about a person before you date. If you want to have a go at this then try sites such as They can easily help you to find “the one” and they can also help you to know if someone is going to be okay with your working hours before you go and fall in love with them.


When you have a plan as to who you are going to date and what their work life is like, you can then go on to carve up your schedule so that you have the time you need to really invest in someone.

You have to know what you want, so make sure that you eliminate any unnecessary working commitments. You can find a guide to that right here: If you can get out of work an hour early at the weekend so that you have time to go to dinner with that special someone then this is well worth it, and it will show them that you are willing to try to make time for them.

Decline Extra Assignments

It’s very easy to become absorbed by your job. You may jump at the chance to take on extra assignments because you feel as though this is going to get you that sought-after promotion. The problem is that if you become too absorbed with your job when you are single then you will find it even harder to detach when you are in a relationship.

It’s important to do this over time, so you aren’t forced to choose between your job and your loved one. After all, when you meet someone, you’ll want to have the perfect life-work balance, and by having a serious think about your job, you can then know if it is taking up too much of your time or not.



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