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Is a Crash Diet Ever a Good Idea?

Is a Crash Diet Ever a Good Idea?

How many times have you heard things like “crash diets never work” , “you’ll just put all the weight back on when you stop” or “fad diets are a waste of time”? Most of the time these are probably be true. Limiting your kilojoule intake for a few weeks, before completely returning to your previous eating habits may see a sudden drop and an instant regain of weight. Often known as yo-yo dieting. But, it doesn’t have to be like this. A short-term, crash diet, as long as you are eating lots of fruit and veg, don’t go below 1200-1500 calories depending on your diet and health, drink lots of water and take on all of the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes, it can even be a good idea.

To Kick Start a Diet

Are VLC diets ever a good idea?
Are VLC diets ever a good idea?

Dieting is hard work. Even a balanced and healthy diet can be tough if you’re not used to it. You can feel hungry all of the time and lack motivation. When the pounds don’t fly off, it’s easy to give up. In this respect, a crash diet can be a great way to prepare your body and give you a head start. A diet such as meal replacement drinks ensures you’ve got everything that you need to stay healthy, helps your body adjust to fewer calories and when you step on the scales and see results it can help to motivate you for the rest of your diet.

You’ll probably find that the weight doesn’t fly off quite so quickly once you’ve finished, but as long as you stick to healthy eating and keep exercising, you should continue to see losses.

Crash Diet Can be easier

Fad diets such as meal replacements and Atkins are easy to manage. You don’t have to worry too much about calorie counting or watching your macros. There are things that you can eat, and things that you can’t. Your diet is structured and easy to manage without conflicting guidelines and complicated equations. The only easier way to lose weight healthily is with a visit to, which is always another option.

A Crash Diet For an Event

Most of us are guilty of occasionally wanting to lose weight for a special occasion or an event like a holiday. We want to fit into a specific outfit or look our best on the beach. A crash diet can get you the results you need, without taking over your life.

It Can Be Healthy

As long as you stick to a diet plan, and don’t try to starve yourself (which is never a good idea), there’s no reason that your crash diet can’t be healthy and nutritious. There are plenty of healthy, low calorie and low-fat foods out there and this is a great time to discover them. Even if you plan on sticking to a meal replacement diet, you can experiment with healthy snacks and new flavours. Check out these great options:

So, for a long-term healthy lifestyle and weight, healthy eating, exercise and the right foods are essential. But, for a quick boost or to get started, a crash diet could be the answer as long as you are sensible and listen to your body’s needs.



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