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Linked In and Your Business

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As the leading social networking channel for businesses and professionals LinkedIn (over 350 milli0n users and 2 new users per second)*, I feel it is the “Facebook for Business”. Many people don’t utilise the opportunities to build leads or market themselves or their businesses. There is a huge potential to make business outreach and effective.

If you are one of the many people who haven’t tapped into the gold mine that is LinkedIn, read on.

Look for Connections

Whether you are part of a BNI or an online networking group you can find opportunities to reach out and make meaningful connections and thus new leads.

LinkedIn Groups

Just like in life networking, reach out to others in similar, symbiotic markets that are not direct competition (either through location or market nuances) and connect with groups that a full of people with ideas, issues answers and problems. Through online networking you can gain a wealth of information, mentoring and problem solving techniques.

Advanced Searching

In order to find people or businesses just like yours, or your clients/customers, your can search via a number of very specific parameters. Data is power so use the huge database that LinkedIn offer.

Leads generated through LinkedIn will propagate with a minimum of effort and assist your to make the most of the contacts.

Your Profile is Not The End

You cannot just set up a profile and leave it. It does’t work like that. Proactivity is the key and a sales pitch will put people off. Look for personal and professional similarities and reach out to your prospective new contact. This could be same hobbies, mutual connection or members of the same groups.

Reach out carefully. Don’t send a sales letter. Write a letter as if you were speaking with a new person and build a relationship through the messaging system that will eventually become a true “real life” contact.

Create a Group

If you are an expert, then this is a way to show your exercises and invite others to share theirs. “The more you know the more you know how little to know” (I’m pretty sure that line is mine) and so no one ever knows everything so a group on a subject of expertise can start leads for you and increase your knowledge and impart some of your wisdom. I try to like in a world of generosity of knowledge so am very keen to teach what I know, because I know it always comes back to me in more knowledge.

If you create a group:

  • Make sure there are keywords in the title for SEO
  • Make sure your blog and site link to the group
  • Ensure that your blog’s RSS fee is on the groups page
  • Be consistent with communication, with information of value not ads.

Host A Real World Event

This can build brand awareness and create further leads. LinkedIn orders the Event Platform for members and you can invite key LinkedIn influencers to the event.

What Are “LinkedIn Answers”   – Build Online Respect

You can simply set up the Answers App on your home page, set up with topics over which you have real expertise. The, other LinkedIn members can contact your with any questions they may have.

Before answering the questions:

  • Who is the person asking? Check out their profile.
  • Be completely helpful, with links. Generosity with knowledge will always come back to you in a good way.
  • Keep talking to the person to establish meaningful contact.

If you need help tidying up or working on your LinkedIn profile, please get in touch – call me on 0405 432 369 or email me. I’m here to to help.

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