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Twitter Influence and Social Traction

To be influential on twitter

We are all aware of the power and influence of Twitter for celebrities, but how does it work for business? To be influential on twitter means that people pay attention to your tweets in terms of response, they favourite then and they might even retweet (the holy grail of influence for twitter engagement).

In order to gain traction, you need to identify what your account is about – pick a topic. If you are a personal trainer stick to related subjects, an event planner, stick to events and venues and theming. If you need help with hashtags, go to: or

The more followers you have on Twitter the wealthier you will be on Twitter. The more people following the more influence you have, but they need to be real, engaged and genuine followers. There are a load of sites that automate the following process in an ethical way.

Tweet 2 – 3 strong tweets per day, so content creation is key. It needs to offer the follower something worthwhile, so sites like Reddit and Digg are great for finding content. Take photos, read, and post interesting tweets.

Twitter has 600 million users worldwide so don’t get lost, so make sure you retweet, quote tweets, post and get moving on Twitter so people can find you. If you want to let others know you are on Twitter, use the favourites button (the star) and favourite articles. It’s a bit like the  “like” button on Facebook.

Try these tactics (or get me to do it for you) and watch the growth your Twitter influence.

The screen snapshot above is from Synergy Events twitter page.



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