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The Secret to Maintaining Social Media Focus

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Social media takes endurance and tenacity and not for the fainthearted or lightweights. Putting yourself out there is daunting, you may loss passion, after the novelty wears off and you need to plan for the long-term so you don’t lose focus of the longer term goals.

The Secret to Maintaining Social Media Focus

This is a little secret I learned recently about maintaining social media for my business. I am totally enthused and excited by my clients, however when I came to my own to would put it off, which is not good practise, specially if I am showing people how to do it! So I reset my goals, such as:

Short Term (1 – 6 months)

  1. Lead by example
  2. Increase followers by 100%
  3. Increase engagement in significant numbers across all networks on so forth with SMART – Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely goals)

Medium Term (6 – 12 months)

  1. Find influencers and brand advocates who will reaffirm your brand’s reputation
  2. Write a new blog each week
  3. Increase followers by 100%
  4. Increase engagement significantly across all networks

Long Term (12 months to 3 years)

  1. Build your brand’s community by 300% across all networks
  2. Monetise the blog
  3. Create YouTube channel for community outreach and “how to” videos.

I think the main reason people lose focus is that they lose sight of goals. Keep your eye on the end game, that being an amazing online community that influences and impacts others in a positive way. I also act as a social media coach which is kind of life a life coach, except for social media.

Let’s chat via email or you can text or call me on 0405 324369 about your social media goal setting.



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