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Hidden Treasures: Regions of Australia You Might Not Have Thought To Visit

Source: Fraser Experience Tours

Any true traveller will, at some point, want to travel around the vast and beautiful country of Australia. This enormous and varied continent is one of the favorite destinations of a great many people, and there is good reason for that: you are able to experience a huge range of different things all within one country. However, it might be that you are keen to go off the beaten track a little, in which case it helps to know about some of the lesser-known Australian destinations. With that in mind, here are some of the parts of Australia you might never have considered visiting.

Fraser Island

People often forget that there are many different parts of Australia, including a number of islands off its East coast. The most well-known and popular of these is Fraser Island, but still many people overlook this part of the country in preference for the mainland. The truth, however, is that you will be able to have a fantastic trip if you just go to Fraser Island alone. With an island tour from the likes of, you can be sure of a truly Aussie experience, but with a small-island feel. Fraser Island has so much to offer that you will find it is plenty enough in itself as a destination – you might not even need to visit the mainland.


Of the big cities, one of the lesser-visited areas has to be Perth. This stunning and varied ity on the West coast of the continent is a fantastic destination for tourists of all kinds, although it is frequently overlooked in favor of other city destinations such as Melbourne or Sydney. But in Perth you will find what many consider to be an even more genuinely Australian experience, and in many ways it is the ideal location for the kind of traveller who likes to really delve fully into a culture and enjoy it for what it really is. Perth will also offer you a temperate and well-rounded tourist experience, so you will be getting a little of both worlds here. Visit for more on Perth.


surfing heaven
surfing heaven

Although the much-renowned Sunshine Coast is one of the more visited areas of the country, the city of Mooloolaba itself is not so popular, but only because so few visitors actually know about it. In many respects, this city is the ultimate coastal town destination. Because it is relatively lesser-known, it means that you can expect plenty of space to yourself on its glorious white-sanded main beach. It is also home to a number of the world’s best seafood restaurants, always freshly caught, and it has a nightlife which you can really sink your teeth into as well. It’s the ideal hidden location for those who want to get away from it all, but remain in-town.

Visiting the lesser-known parts of a country are a sure way to get the real experience, and the above are some of the very best. Give these a go if you want to explore Australia a little more than your generic tourist; you will find it a fantastic way to see this huge country.



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