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A $62K lipstick? Meet “KissKiss” Gold and Diamonds by Guerlain

Guerlain Lipstick Kiss Kiss $62,000

Guerlain lipstick “KissKiss Gold and Diamonds” is one of the most expensive beauty products in the world at $62,000. My first question what why? I love Guerlain packaging and beauty products, but I am thinking that $62K is a bit steep for a lipstick.

Herve Van Der Straeten 0n Guerlain Lipstick:

“Lipstick is simple, yet mysterious. One never really knows what she may uncover when the top is removed. This element of surprise creates curiosity and longing, which is what I hope each woman experiences when she clutches KissKiss Gold and Diamonds in the heart of her hand. It is powerful and unimaginable, unique and desired, obtainable and unobtainable at the same time,” says KissKiss co-creator Herve Van Der Straeten.

There are 15 exclusive shades of this Guerlain lipstick, but the lipstick itself is not what takes the price into the stratosphere. It is actually the case that makes it so pricey.

The very glamorous case is 18 carat, solid gold that has been encrusted with studded with 199 diamonds weighing 2.2 carats. If it is a gift you can also have this precious lipstick engraved with a name and personalised message.

Guerlain lipstick Kiss Kiss
Guerlain lipstick Kiss Kiss

Fortunately,  Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds does come with refills so that you don’t have to part with this piece of jewellery after you have used up the lipstick. 

There is also a less expensive case of the beautiful Guerlain lipstick available at

Guerlain lipstick "Kiss Kiss"
Guerlain lipstick “Kiss Kiss”

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