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Fabulous Not Fiasco: This is How To Avoid Wedding Day Fails!

Fabulous Not Fiasco: This is How To Avoid Wedding Day Fails!

No one wants a fiasco when it comes to their wedding day. Of course, there are some things that you just cannot predict like the whole party sliding into the water, when you have your photo taken on a pontoon! (Trust me it happens as you can see from the video below). However, there are things that you can control to make sure they are just right on the day. A topic you can read more about in the post below.

Set some time aside for your wellbeing

If you had a big presentation to make at work, then it is likely that you would set aside some time before and after to decompress and mentally prepare yourself for the event.

However, because weddings are meant to be fun, when it comes to their big day people think they don’t need this time. In fact, many people are so busy with preparing that they all but exhausted when their big day arrives.

Of course, just because you are happy about getting married doesn’t mean that you won’t feel any stress, especially if you are more a type A personality that needs things to be perfect, or someone that is introverted and not used to being the centre of attention for an entire event.  

To that end, setting aside some time for yourself, or to be alone as a couple both before and after the big day can actually help it go a lot smoother. In fact, many couples schedule in a little decompression time even during the day itself, so they don’t have to be ‘on’ constantly and can process the huge life event that is happening around them.

Keep your guests happy

When it comes to a successful wedding, the best ones include happy couples and guests that are having a rip-roaringly good time as well. Although, maybe not so much that they become rowdy and problematic. After all, you will want to keep things classy on your big day. That is why it’s actually crucial to consider the events of the day from your guests’ perspectives and how things will impact on their mood too.

With that in mind, limiting waiting times between significant points in the wedding that don’t include food or entertainment is essential. It’s also crucial to ensure that the staff and vendors you pick that will be present at the wedding understand how to interact with your guests adequately as well.

In fact, picking a professional vendor like Faure Valletta Photography is a great choice. The reason being that you will know they will not only treat you with dedication and positivity, but all of the guests at your wedding as well. After all, no guest should be shouted at just to get the perfect photo, and it sure that they won’t respond well to this type of behaviour.

Lastly, when it comes to keeping guests happy, considering dietary requirements is essential as well. This includes offering alternatives for those with allergies, as well as having vegan and vegetarian options available too. In fact, asking the kitchen to make up a few extra of these in case anyone changes their mind on the day can be a big plus.

Be very clear with your vendors

Of course, if you want your wedding to be fabulous rather than a fiasco being crystal clear with your vendors is so important. In fact, take the time to not only have a face to face conversation with them about what you want but also confirm this in writing via email as well.

Remember the vendors add to the atmosphere of your wedding as well as the guests.

Then if something does end up off plan, you can at least go back and refer to this is you want to make a complaint or negative a discounted later on.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best

Lastly, If you want to avoid fiascos and have a fabulous wedding you need to adopt a ‘plan for the worst, but expect the best’ mentality. This means that during the organisation and preparation phases of planning the wedding you consider all the things that could go wrong from your dress ripping to the reception being overrun by flies or wasps!

Then assign dealing with each of these ‘what if’ situations to a member of your bridal party. What this means is that if the worst does happen in the day, you will have a solution for it on hand. All while being about to sit back, relax, and have fun without worrying about all the possible disasters that could turn your wedding into a fiasco.



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