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Could Your Business Benefit From These Creative Flourishes?

Could Your Business Benefit From These Creative Flourishes?

Often, we approach the business world with conventional mindsets. While you had to get those creative juices flowing to have your big idea, you’ve been pretty restrained since. Your business attire is all about smart suits and blank canvases. Your office space is as basic as possible to enhance productivity. And, you err on the side of caution with any marketing campaign you release. After all, surely appealing to the largest audience possible is the way to success? The less outlandish your company, then, the better chance of winning favor. Right?

Wrong! There’s no denying that this blank-canvas style of business would have washed back in the 90s. Back then, everything was about straight-laced operations and business jargon. Now, we’re taking a step back towards the creative, with various vibrant companies. It seems that the more creative companies go, the better chance they have at succeeding.

That’s why we say it’s past time you ditched that straight-laced appearance. Instead, spread a little creative flair over your company by embracing the following.

Wild website design

It should come as no surprise that website design is a pretty serious matter in modern business. What you might not realize is the importance of being creative here. There are, of course, a few guidelines to stick with. Including something like an about me page is still crucial. But, it is possible to play around with things within that existing framework. Even something as simple as applying an orange backdrop to your website could show some flair. It may also pay to include funky navigation buttons. Why not use a cursor which is a little more fun than the traditional white arrow?

Very fancy video marketing

have fun with video creation
have fun with video creation

Bet you didn’t think you could have fun with video creation when you entered an office-based business. But, recent years have seen the emergence of YouTube channels for companies of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what service you offer; you could benefit from getting creative here. All you need to do is take care of filming and video production file sharing to get started here. Then, you’re free to let your latent move producer self run wild. Even better, the more creative you can get with your ideas here, the better chance you have at reaching a high view count. As such, there’s no such thing as ‘too’ creative.

Getting stuck into Instagram

 unleash your creative impulses on our photography-based social media platform
unleash your creative impulses on our photography-based social media platform

At the very least, you should unleash your creative impulses on our photography-based social media platform. Instagram is THE place to be at the moment. Developments like Instagram stories and IGTV make this one of our most exciting social media. While the odd Twitter update would once suffice, you now need to post regular photographs on this platform. What’s more, these have to look the part. A dull snap of a product is never going to cut it. You need to consider everything from your staging to the story behind your pictures. So, let your inner creative self rip to see real results here.



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