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Common Wedding Worries and How to Avoid Them


So, you have your engagement ring, everyone you know has congratulated you, prosecco has been popped, and now it’s time to get down to the serious business of planning a wedding. But what about the little worries and panics that come alongside planning an event that is meant to be the best, most romantic occasion of your life? There’s so much pressure put on one day that it’s no wonder so many brides feel anxious and stressed in the lead up to the big day. Read on for some common scenarios and tips on how to talk yourself down from that confetti-covered ledge.


We’ve all heard horror stories about mothers – both mothers-in-law and mothers of the bride. The stereotypes exist for a reason and you might find the matriarchs in your life testing your patience when the planning starts. First off, try and assume positive intent. This can be one of the most difficult things to practice, but reminding yourself that they are only being so challenging because they want your wedding day to be the best for you and your future spouse is half the battle to tolerating any nonsense they throw at you. They are excited and trying to be supportive – unfortunately this can come across as dictatorial. It can be especially difficult to tell your future partner’s mother to back off. Remember that this is only one day – you will have this family intertwined with yours for the rest of your life, so pick your battles wisely. Is an argument over flowers going to seem worth it if it gets raised over Christmas dinner every year from now until the end of time? The things that can feel so vital will ebb away in the aftermath of the wedding and the little details are lost in a cloud of just remembering what a lovely day it was.

If they really are being impossible, a word with your future spouse can go a long way. Do they have any other children you can turn to for a quiet word? Weigh up the pros and cons of the situation and remember, it is just one day.

Cherish Moments

There are some lovely parts of planning a wedding that you and your future spouse can cherish together. Meeting a photographer, choosing or designing wedding rings that will match or offset your engagement rings, going to food tastings together. Al of these moments can be really special and form part of your memories of the wedding itself. Take some quality time together and don’t rush your way through those experiences or be so keen to get them up on your Instagram that you only remember them through your phone camera.

Focus on the Big Picture

Above all, remind yourself of what you’re doing and why. Sure, you might have been thinking about this day your whole life, but what exactly is it about? Spending the rest of your life with the person you love more than anyone else. When the wedding stress feels like it might be getting too much, remind yourself of why you’re doing it and focus on the wonderful parts of your married life that the future will bring. 



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