High Technology Is Infiltrating The Wedding Industry In A Big Way

wedging with technology

When you think of weddings, traditional scenes automatically come to mind. Flowers, churches, and horse-drawn carriages are all a part of the canonical picture. 

Weddings, though, aren’t immune from the march of progress. And nor should they be. There’s still plenty of ways in which they can benefit from the world of technology. 

Here are some of the ways that you can use technology to enhance your wedding and make it even better. 

Hire A Hologram Photo Booth

Regular photo booths took the wedding market by storm in 2016. Here happy punters could escape the glare of the professional photographer and just let rip with silly faces, throwing caution to the wind. 

Now, though, some companies are looking to take the idea to the next level by introducing holograms. 

The notion of a hologram wedding booth sounds like something out of Star Wars. But the technology is now at the point where it is actually feasible. You can hire out one of these devices and then muck around with various GIF backgrounds and holograms to your heart’s content. 

Make Your Guestbook Digital 

The guestbook is an excellent way for all the people you invite to commemorate the day, sharing their thoughts with you, as they happened.

They are limited, though, by the fact that they still exist in the physical world. People have to wait for their turn to sign them. It is not ideal. 

Digital guestbooks get around this problem. You just download a guestbook app from PlayStore or the App Store and share it with all the people in attendance. Then they can enter their special messages at their leisure. 

Use Drone Videos

Over the last few years, wedding videography has come on leaps and bounds. Couples are no longer satisfied with static photos; they want full-blown movies. 

With advances in drone technology, the ability to capture special moments on film is improving all the time. These flying robots can record events from practically any vantage point, including high in the air. Plus, they can achieve sweeping shots that you would need a professional studio for, just ten years ago. 

Conduct An Online Wedding

With Covid-19 causing havoc around the world, online weddings may suddenly become enormously popular. 

The concept of conducting a wedding over the web might sound a little strange, but with people living so far apart from each other, it actually makes a lot of sense. When you move weddings onto live streaming platforms, you negate the need for people to travel to feel as though they are a part of the action. It all happens via video link. 

Offer 3D Printed Gifts

Wedding gifts are standard fare at today’s ceremonies. But it is often difficult to know whether you’re buying the bride and groom something unique.

Personalized, customized 3D-printed favors change all that. With a quality 3D printer, you can rustle up all kinds of items, from unique flower pots to cookie cutters. 

Yes, the technology is still in its infancy, but it is incredible what it can now do. 


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