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Romantic Ways To Say “I Still Do” For Married Couples

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Valentine’s Day is behind us. And if you feel that there’s a lack of romance in your life, you’re not alone. Most of us in long-term relationships find that all too often life gets in the way. For married it can feel as though it has hit a plateau in terms of romance. It’s not your partner’s fault. It’s not yours either. It’s simply the way in which the pressures of work, career, money and the fact that there are never enough hours in the day can all get a little too much for us. 

Finding time for one another to rekindle that flame can seem like an increasingly insurmountable challenge. Still, it doesn’t necessarily take bold romantic gestures or lavish spending to remind your spouse that they’re the most important person in the world to you. Here are some romantic ways to say “I still do” to suit budgets large, small and nonexistent…

Revisit your honeymoon spot

Do you get a warm, glowly feeling inside whenever you think back to your anniversary? Does it fill you with nostalgia when you happen upon the pictures you took on your phone? Getting away from your home and your job can be a great way to rediscover your feelings for one another, and what better place to do that than by revisiting your beloved honeymoon spot. While this may not be feasible for all couples, it’s a wonderful way to revisit your past and celebrate your future.

Upgrade the wedding ring

When you first exchanged your vows, you and your significant other may not have been as financially secure as you are today. Indeed, you may have had to compromise on one or two things that you’d change today if given the chance. One of which may be the wedding ring. If you had come to the decision that you wouldn’t be able to afford the wedding ring of their / your dreams maybe it’s time you treated them to an upgrade from a selection of stylish wedding rings. The old one may still have sentimental value, however, and can be worn as an eternity ring. 

Treat them to a slideshow of treasured memories

Over the years you and your significant other have likely shared a lot of precious memories. Memories can get lost in the ether of everyday thought if not properly preserved. In the smartphone age, photos have become sadly disposable, but revisiting some old favorites from throughout your relationship can remind you of the journey you’ve been on together. A slideshow of your “greatest hits” as a couple is a wonderful way to celebrate every day of your love. And if it has some musical accompaniment, so much the better. Which brings us to…

Make a relationship playlist

Finally, the song you first danced to as a married couple. The tune that was playing in the background when you met. The song your SO loves to sing along to on the radio. All are great candidates for a relationship playlist that will put your feelings for your spouse into words you may not be able to muster on your own. 



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