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Care In The Community: How To Ensure Your Company Event Doesn’t Annoy The Neighbours

Care In The Community: How To Ensure Your Company Event Doesn't Annoy The Neighbours

In any business, a big event now and again is a must. It’s a sure way to build excitement and buzz around your brand. Whether you host an evening event solely for your staff, or for industry professionals you want to cosy up to, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you throw a party no one will forget in a hurry. You want to get people passionate about what you do, and believing in your company. You might even manage to make a few sales on the night.

Bear in mind, though, that your guests aren’t the only people you need to consider here. It’s also crucial you don’t annoy the neighbours to your event space. After all, a bad review can do real damage, irrelevant of where it comes from. And, you can be sure to receive a few if you don’t think about others during your event planning. Which is why we’re going to look at the three main ways you can get those neighbours onside.

Let them know what’s happening

Often, communication is all you need to keep everyone happy. If the people in the area don’t know there’s a party, they’re sure to feel more annoyed. The unexpected nature of things could lead to anger. Make sure that doesn’t happen by sending out flyers to everyone who may be affected in the local area. To soften the deal, you could include free invites to the night. Why not? You get a few extra customers that way, and they’re not going to complain a party they’re attending. Even if they choose not to come along, the gesture is sure to reduce the risk of complaint dramatically.

Keep the noise down

It’s also crucial that you keep the noise down. Even reaching out as mentioned above won’t help you if the music is so loud it shakes the neighbour’s light fittings. Make sure it doesn’t happen by investing the latest sound proofing solutions, like those offered by Mega Vision. That way, you can keep the party going without annoying anyone outside. Get this right, and that blaring music will be gone the moment you step outside. It’s magic, and it’ll work wonders for keeping everyone happy.

Ask guests to be respectful when they leave

Your efforts to keep the noise down will soon go to waste if you unleash a load of intoxicated and rowdy guests at the end of the night. To some extent, your powers here are limited. But, as everyone leaves, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to be respectful of the neighbours. You can do this while still keeping everyone on side. Simply give a little goodnight speech. It’s a fantastic way of wrapping up, and it’ll give you a chance to mention this. Keep it lighthearted. Something like ‘We all know how annoying it is to be woken up, so please be respectful on your way out’ will do the job. It’s relatable, light, and is sure to get the message across.



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