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Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas For 2018 and Beyond

blogging for money

Image: Successful marketing on a small budget isn’t easy, but it’s possible.

With a new year fast approaching, entrepreneurs up and down the country will be thinking about the best ways to grow their customer bases in 2018. In truth, the answer boils down to one word: efficiently.

After all, earning an extra $25,000 in revenue is pointless if it costs $30,000 to achieve it. As such, incorporating cost-effective ideas that are sure to win new customers should be top of the agenda. Here are four awesome ideas that should point you in the right direction.

Blogging & Social Media

The online playground has evolved rapidly since the turn of the century, especially in terms of business. In fact, many creatives are now able to create ventures exclusively from blogging. Even if you’re more focused towards traditional business matters, a successful blog platform can work wonders. Not only is it a chance to promote products in a less vulgar way, but it’s also another incentive for people to visit your site. Best of all, posting is free.

In addition to the blog, social media interactions such as Twitter surveys and Facebook comps boost the impact. When customers feel as though they are a part of the family, the likelihood of sales shoots through the roof. If content goes viral, you’ll gain new customers from a far wider demographic too.

Referral Schemes

There’s nothing better than generating increased revenue without the risk. Referral schemes require a very small outlay during the launch phase. Once up and running, though, you’ll only pay money to affiliates after they’ve helped you win new clients. This has to be a winning formula in any entrepreneur’s books.   

Aside from the low risk relating to costs, you’ll find that these strategies consume very little time. You can discover the best ones at friendbuy. In addition to gaining new customers, you should find that the people promoting the brand and its products start to spend more too. Perfect.   

Image: Existing clients can be your greatest asset.

Offering freebies

Promotional materials aren’t simply there to gain foot traffic when running a special event. They continually remind people about your company while highlighting the fact that you offer great value for money. Services like pinfactory make it a very cheap and cheerful option, and that personal touch can have a far greater impact than any poster or leaflet.

The choice of products is important. Ideally, you’ll want items that will be used on a regular basis. If those products additionally promote the brand to the user’s friends and relatives, that’s perfect. Either way, there will be far less waste than advertising campaigns.

Choose PPC

Generally speaking, digital ad campaigns are more cost-effective than flyering and printed ideas. Nonetheless, there is a huge need to do it in the right manner. When using Google or Facebook campaigns, you need to ensure that adverts are seen by the right people. Get this right, and you’ll instantly see greater efficiency than any traditional alternative.

It may also be possible to get more value for money with promotions. These can be offered by Google ads directly or through other parties like web hosts. Either way, keeping an eye out for those deals is vital.



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