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Beauty Packaging Inspired By Pop-Up Books

La Mer Hydrating Serum packaging

Designed by MW Luxury Packaging, 1000 lucky influencers were gifted this stunning PR piece, an example of creative beauty packaging, inspired by children’s pop-up books. I like the sense of nostalgia and wonder this piece evokes. The packaging was to announce the launch of Creme De La Mer‘s brand new product – Revitalizing Hydrating Serum.

La Mer Hydrating Serum Packaging is Inspired by Children's Books
La Mer Hydrating Serum Packaging is Inspired by Children’s Books

Lovely Beauty Packaging

The crafting is truly beautiful. The outside consists of a rigid hinged box, alluding to something precious and wonderful inside. The first impression is of muted colouring and understated blind deboss. However, the “book” when in the right lighting, the delightful blue speckled foil paper glitters ocean green, hinting at the beauty within. The Creme De Lar Mer concept originates from fermented kelp, so it re-enforces the “cream of the sea” message. Frankly, La Mer’s PR company send me this, I wouldn’t want to use the product because it is so lovely.

A box opens to reveal a series of illustrated pictures
A box opens to reveal a series of beautifully illustrated pictures

Lift the lid and an accordion of watercolour-inspired illustrations spill out, creating childhood anticipation and joy, just like Christma Day.

Journey of Discovery

On the final page there is an extra panel which has a removable mirror. When the box is fully opened, the mirror reflects the bottle of product beneath. This special book, takes the lucky recipient on an adventure.

accordion of illustrated book pages
accordion of illustrated book pages evoke childhood wonder
Creme De La Mer Ethereal Beauty Packaging
Creme De La Mer Ethereal Beauty Packaging for Serum

The pages are printed on uncoated stock, with watercolour and children’s book style imagery. This PR gift is akin to an impressionists sketch book – precious and unique. Beauty addicts world-wide will want this piece of beauty packaging, of which only 1000 were made. Given the fact that this product is priced at $340 for 30ml, I’d say there was definitely room in the PR budget for this serum by Estee Lauder brand, La Mer.



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