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5 Ways To Insulate Your Home Economically

5 Ways To Insulate Your Home Economically

Insulating your home can help to keep it warmer longer, saving you money on heating bills. In many cases, installing insulation can be expensive, however there are some cheap methods that can be very effective. Here are just five ways to insulate your home on a budget.

Install your own loft insulation

Loft insulation is one of the best ways of trapping heat in your home. It’s possible to go DIY rather than hiring professionals by buying your own insulation material. This could include thermal wool or insulation boards as found at You should always wear gloves and a mask as handling insulation materials can cause skin and throat irritation due to the small sharp fibres.  Spray-on insulation as installed by a professional can be more suitable for some properties but is much more expensive.

Opt for metal cladding

Adding metal cladding to roofing and walls can have many advantages such as providing fire resistance, soundproofing and of course insulation. It’s relatively cheap compared to other roofing and cladding solutions. Companies such as specialise in this type of cladding. You could choose to clad a single surface of your home or you could even design a whole home’s exterior using cladding.

Add draft excluders

When it comes to stopping drafts from getting in under doors, the easiest solution is to add draft excluders. These items commonly come in the form of long cushions that slot under the door – there are lots of decorative excluders that you can buy such as animal-shaped one and excluders with personal messages on. You can also install fixed excluders such as seals or brushes to the bottom of a door. Draft excluders can also be added to windows that may have gaps.

Use window insulating film

5 Ways To Insulate Your Home Economically
5 Ways To Insulate Your Home Economically

Heat can often get lost through uninsulated windows. If you don’t have the money to install double glazing, adding plastic insulating film could be the next best thing. This can be bought to the size of your window and sticks over the top – it’s a temporary modification, which makes it ideal for rented properties. You can order insulating film online from sites such as

Buy thick curtains

Another simple and cheap way to trap heat in could be to buy some thick curtains for your window. Winter curtains that go down to the ground are the most effective examples. You can even buy thick blackout curtains – these block all sunlight out and are ideal for the bedroom, helping to keep the room dark and improve sleep quality. When it comes to summer, you can then easily replace these curtains with light summer curtains to keep your home cool.

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