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Deciding On A Career Change, But Where To Start?

eciding On A Career Change, But Where To Start?

Sometimes we can all get a little cold feet when it comes to our careers. We can think that we have made a huge error when it comes to the job that we do and how we spend our days. Living to work instead of working to live, does that make sense. However, at any point we can all decide enough is enough and change the job we do, and often it is just having the courage to take that leap of faith. But where do you start? I thought I would share with you some of the things you could do.

Decide on the type of career you want

One of the first steps to take would be to decide on the type of career you want to have. It can be quite a tricky thing to navigate in your mind, but the chances are you will have thought long and hard about a change in career and the possibility of trying something new before the idea properly entered your mind. Think about what you enjoy doing, where your skills lie best and research different job options that could be open to you.

Is there any action you can take to make it happen?

The next thing to think about would be the action you might need to take to obtain this job. It could be that you need to learn new skills or obtain certain accreditation’s to make it happen. This is when home learning could play a vital role. For example, an mba with engineering focus could help you in terms of a hands on industry change, a financial or accounting course could give you a different dimension of knowledge in the world of business. Even other aspects like time management skills or subjects like psychology could play a decent part to help you get the job you really went.

Having the confidence to do it

Sometimes the most difficult thing to overcome is a personal battle you have with yourself and that can all come down to your confidence levels. Having the confidence to make a change can be overwhelming and often you can be guilty of thinking more negatively about it than having the positive thought process that could help you make it happen. It is time to work on this and improve your opinion that you have developed about how good you really are.

Sorting out the resume

It might be an obvious one, but you do need to work on your resume in order to even get a foot in the door of a new business or job opportunity. It may be that you haven’t updated your resume for some time, so take the time to add new skills and experience youa have gained and don’t be afraid to tailor your resume around the job you really want.

Practicing your interview skills

Finally,take the time to practice those interview questions and think about how you will present yourself for any interview stage. This part is important to ensure that you secure the job you want after putting in all the necessary groundwork to make it happen.

I hope that this helps you take that leap of faith and change your career.



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