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4 Ways a Car Broker can Help Find Your Perfect Car in 2021

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What’s the easiest way to buy a car in 2021? It’s a question you might be asking yourself before getting a car for business or personal use.  

While traditional car buying methods are still popular, car brokers have become a simple, efficient and cheaper way of securing the right car for your needs. They act on your behalf to find the best deal, so you don’t have to bother with salesmen. 

How people buy cars is changing. This year, social distancing and restrictions have triggered different means, with car brokers a safer alternative. Although conditions last year reduced car sales, there’s plenty of choice in 2021 with new models in demand

Here’s how to find the best vehicle and deal using a car broker. 

1. Access to Better Deals

One of the greatest benefits of car brokers is their database of wholesalers. 

After they’re tasked with finding a specific car for you, they utilise their connections with dealers to access your options at better prices. Although car brokers charge a service fee, it can still work out more cost-effective (and convenient). They may also secure savings on insurance, finance, roadside assistance and servicing. 

Tip: A car broker relies on strong industry connections. If their contacts and relationships are good, you’re more likely to gain bigger savings. Other than price, they might be able to get deals on accessories and add-ons like paint upgrades, window tinting and floor mats, depending on your needs. This means access to additional indirect savings.

2. Professional Negotiating 

By using a broker, you gain a competitive advantage over other buyers.

Car brokers are professional negotiators and have more bargaining power. Their primary function is to save you time and money, so you have more energy for your business or personal life.  

Once you’ve narrowed down the car you want, the broker will organise financials. They’ll check your current financial situation and find and negotiate a price on your behalf. Some also offer extra service-features like salary packaging and arranging test drives.      

3. Avoid Dodgy Tactics 

It’s a time-consuming process engaging with salesmen or private sellers. 

Unless you do your research first, it’s easy to be taken advantage of or pay more than you budgeted for. Good car brokers can protect you from being ripped off. They act as the middle man between you and the seller and give you professional representation. If you’re unsure about the process, their extensive industry knowledge and expertise will help guide you. 

Tip: Once you’re ready to buy, car brokers can also navigate the loan contract and ensure you understand everything before signing. 

4. One-Stop Shopping 

Shopping for a new or used car during a pandemic can be frustrating. The right broker simplifies the process for you, by handling the transaction from start to finish. 

Maximise your experience by:

  • Only using a car broker who’s accredited by the Australian Investments and Securities Commission (ASIC)
  • Making sure your chosen broker adheres to responsible lending eg: checks your financial situation and understands and represents your needs as the client 
  • Engaging with a car broker who prioritises helping you rather than profit only
  • Checking customer reviews 
  • Reviewing the benefits offered to customers
  • Enquiring about their car-buying practices
  • Asking about their automotive industry history  

Although buying a car and making a large investment will always carry some level of stress, the right car broker can significantly reduce this. While they may not eliminate the entire process, they provide a level of convenience that’s useful in 2021. 



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