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4 Family Business Ideas That Are Perfect For 2020 (And Beyond!)

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Are you looking for some extra inspiration to start the new year? If you’re thinking about starting a family business, then this is the article for you. Below, I’ve listed off some of my favourite family business ideas for 2020 and beyond: 

Self Storage Business

A self-storage business provides people with somewhere to store all of their belongings. They’re popular amongst both residential and commercial consumers. Business owners need secure locations to keep items that can’t be stored in the office. Regular people need self-storage facilities to hold onto excess belongings that they can’t fit in the house. You can pay for self storage construction to create your facility, then provide a service like no other. It’s an excellent idea as the demand for storage facilities has increased. People have too much stuff but not enough space for it at home. So, self-storage is the best solution.

Home Cleaning Business

It might not sound that glamorous, but a home cleaning business is an awesome idea. Why? Because you basically call upon skills that you already have. You’ll spend a lot of time cleaning and looking after your home, so why don’t you do the same for others? You’ll do everything you do at home, but get paid for it. This type of business is growing in demand as people live busier lives than ever before. Most homeowners don’t have time to look after their properties, so they end up getting very messy. With your business, they have a service that keeps their home in tip-top condition. 

Family Restaurant

Do you have a passion for cooking? Are all your friends and family constantly complimenting your cooking skills? Well, you’re perfectly set up to start a family restaurant. People will always go out to eat, so this business idea is secure for the future. Plus, you can work with companies like Deliveroo or UberEats to deliver your food to people’s doors. This helps you compete with the takeaway and fast food businesses in your area! Most people would much rather eat at a small family restaurant than a big chain. Why? Because they know your food is made with care, and it usually tastes a lot nicer. 

Dog Walking Business

So many people have dogs around the country, but do they have time to walk them? In most cases, they don’t. As such, lots of precious dogs go without their recommended exercise every day. If you start a dog walking business, you can help people in this position. Offer your services to anyone that’s too busy to take their dog on regular walks. The dog benefits from getting the exercise it needs, and the customer benefits from not needing to take time off work. 

I’ve listed these ideas as I believe they’re perfectly suited for family businesses. For me, a family business is something where the whole family can get involved. You don’t need to hire loads of employees as your family will help out. As the company grows, you pass it down through the generations. So, if you want to start something big this year, then think about these business ideas. 



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