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The Importance of Being Online In This Digital World

The Importance of Being Online In This Digital World

We often forget and underestimate the power of a really good website. When you click online and you have a good user experience, it makes life easier, and if the website looks good, then it probably makes you want to go back again for another peek. This is such an important factor in business and setting up your own website. The way people perceive you as a brand or as a person is by our online presence and the way in which we market ourselves, the way in which we utilise our social media and their images and information we promote. 

So what makes a good website and how can you start implementing new ideas into the mix to ensure that you have a great online presence and a really incredibly website. With the best web hosting provider, you can firstly ensure that you have a safe and reliable website that is going to take care of your site. You will want to look at the following points: 

  1. Your design – how do you want your website to look. You don’t want a crammed website that feels messy and overwhelming, rather look for images that are more peaceful but still beautiful, less clutter and a little more minimalism which will be incredibly helpful. The design should be well marked and align with the rest of your brands’ online pages.
  2. Your navigation – can people access each page easily and is it accessible for all? Do you have the appropriate tags in place, are your drop down boxes easy, do you have all the necessary information? This is going to be key. 
  3. Your content – what are you telling people via your website. The way in which you write will give people a better understanding into your tone of voice, the type of way you want to connect and the way in which you are informing them. The content is key, spice it up, don’t have boring content; people like visuals more than huge blocks of texts.
  4. Your passion – your passion will show through in all of the above. Your desire to make your website look good, and the way in which you want and update your content. Having photos of yourself and any relevant staff members is also a great way for people to feel connected and not as if they are just talking to digital robots. It is personable and it’s fun and fresh. 


So whether you’re upgrading or starting from fresh, your website will ultimately be most people’s first port of call. Have all the links to your social pages too, people like to stay connected and a phone number also, as people love to feel they have human contact. The better your website and the more your website is being visited, the better chances of naturally improving your SEO for a stronger and more reliable business. It doesn’t have to be difficult but it will take methodical planning and ensuring that you have all the necessary applications to complete but it will certainly be worth it in the end.



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